Actually, Maybe Gamesmen Has The Best Fallout 4 Vault

Earlier today we posted this vault recreation, made at an EB store in Mackay. I thought that was pretty cool.

But Gamesmen, one of the last remaining independent games stores in Australia, absolutely trumped them.

And in a strange way, that makes me super happy. The story of the Gamesmen store is a tragic one, but it's also a story about maintaining against difficult odds.

Also, ridiculous props like this is, in its own way, a large part of the history of the Gamesmen. The original owner Angelo Cusumano was known for the incredible displays he put up in the Gamesmen store, and this Fallout 4 display is simply following in those footsteps.

It looks incredible. Well done guys!


    I should buy from them a bit more. I remember avidly browsing their catalogues in the days before internet (I'm old).

      Same. A mate still has a fair few of their catalogues in his archives and are still a good read when you want to go nostalgic. :)

    What really bothers me about these is the vault numbers are orientated wrong if the door has rolled open only that short distance.

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      I am glad I was not the only one that had this thought straight up. It is annoying the hell outta me.

      The Vault doors don't roll.

        Then why does it look like a cog?

          They do roll, I included some links just below. The orientation of the vault number bugged me too.

        Not sure if I missed a joke there but they do roll.

        Fallout 2: (around 2:25)
        Fallout 3:
        Fallout: New Vegas:

          exactly and in the fallout 3 video you posted you can see how much they roll and so the numbers orientation is wrong

      If the vault door is driven by a sprocket or chain, it could make many revolutions travelling that distance.

      Could be a very fine thread or seeing as they run off a chain and sprocket set this is easily achievable.

      It's vault #3, the vertical line has aged poorly.
      Problem solved.

    They should have gone with Vault 491.. they're at 491 Forest Rd Penshurst.. would have made more sense to me :)

    I wish I'd bought from them, now. I bought two 3DS and 3DSXLs and a bunch of games for them there. But other than that, I haven't been in a long time.

    I still remember the smashed wall they had for Street Fighter 2.

    I always mean to go there too, but then either laziness or Target/Big W's undercutting ends up winning out.

    They were my closest store back in the day growing up.... But I've moved closer to the city.

    Bought a fair bit. Used to just get in the car when money was burning my wallet and get whatever.

    Digital (steam) and JB have kinda taken me over.

    Was a shame when their store closed near me. I still buy online from them though.

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