Age Of Empires 2 Is Getting Another Expansion

You hear stories about games being supported over a decade after release, but it’s not often that they get a swath of new content.

That’s not been the case with Age of Empires 2 though. After being touched up for a HD remake a few years ago, the game received one official expansion — and earlier today, the developers behind the project pushed out a second.

Hidden Path Entertainment earlier today pushed out The African Kingdoms, the second official expansion for the classic RTS “in over 16 years”. It features four extra civilisations, four campaigns, as well as new technologies, ships and units.

It’s currently on sale for US$8, while the fan expansion The Forgotten is available for a measly US$2. A bundle featuring the HD re-release and the two expansions is available for US$12.25 for the next few days, although if you just want to run through the original campaigns with widescreen support and all the other trimmings then you can jump in for just US$4.

For those who played through the AoE series, where would you hold up AoE 2’s campaign against all the other RTS games? I always enjoyed how steeped in history it was — despite the liberties that were taken — although as a gaming experience Warcraft 3 and The Frozen Throne are probably my heights. What’s yours?

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