Star Wars: Battlefront Is Getting Free Maps

Briefly: Alongside Star Wars: Battlefront's pricey $60 season pass on Origin, EA says it's going to be releasing "new maps" for free "in the coming months". Most people seem to dig Battlefront, with the game's biggest problem being a lack of content.


    $69 season pass. Where do I get one of those?
    $75.95AU on the PSN store.

    Still getting in mind you.

      The season pass is actually only $60 on Origin, if you don't mind switching to PC. I've updated the post.

        Still, 60 bucks... damn... would rather go buy 2 different games for that price... will wait a while for a collected version of this at that total price.

      $70 on xbox. Probably not going to bother though to be honest, will take a lot to keep me interested in the game unfortunately :( I want to love it, but just getting really bored with it really quickly

        Same. Thinking of getting battlefield 4 premium on ps4 for $28

          I prob wouldn't bother, I play BF4 still quite a bit on xbox one and can never find games on the DLC maps, might be different on PS4.

            That will probably be the same problem with the battlefront DLC.

            Hell, it's a problem with most DLC that comes out 4,6,8 months later... people just don't stick around playing a game like this that long. At least not in large enough numbers

              There's plenty of people playing BF4, especially on PC.

                20-30k world wide according to
                it's OK but not great considering the number of daily players for things like CS is 600k

    Article also mention the Battle of Jakku (free DLC out in a few weeks) will add 2 maps (I assume just a big one and a small one) and "a new mode to the game."
    Not sure if that had already been mentioned elsewhere, I hadn't heard about a new (free) mode before :P

    Might want to hurry, great game, but i'm honestly starting to get really bored with it. There just isn't anything to aim for, nothing to achieve. Weapons are all the same, characters are really not all that deep (customisation wise) and its all just very bland. The game is great, but just could have been so much better

      Honestly we wanted so much more, this is pretty much how I figured it would be. Still caved to peer pressure and got it, but I very much regret the decision.

      It did remind me of how good a Rogue Squadron game could be or how much I'd like to have a new fighter sim, maybe a bit more arcadey for the consoles.

      Everything I've read, and the vibe I got from the beta, says the same.
      I'm glad I didn't pick this up.

    I think the amount of mileage you get out of Battlefront is roughly proportionate to the amount of times you watched Star Wars as a kid. I probably watched Empire and Jedi a few hundred times as a kid so when I'm playing SWBF every perfectly sound effect and every note of William's score pays huge dividends to me. That said, I've had to tell a few of my friends not to buy it because they aren't big Star Wars fans.

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    Really don't understand the negativity this game is getting. I love it to bits really enjoying it. Mind you I've only been playing supremecy and drop zone but I can't fault it. I'd rather play this than the latest cod any day

      There's a few main things....
      firstly, lack of content... there really isn't much there. If you like playing the same thing over and over, then that's cool. Plenty of games do that already .... but none of them (that I can think of) cost $60+ and then expect another $60+ season pass. People have been saying they've unlocked most of the content after 5 hours.

      Secondly, a lot of people were expecting some key Battlefront features from the original games that didn't make the cut. People feel that if they just re-skinned BF3 or BF4 with starwars stuff it would have been a better game overall.

      Thirdly, the $60+ season pass has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Not only did we get a game that's pretty light on in content ... probably on par with games like TF2 or CS with a few training missions thrown in, but then they want even more money to bring the content up to scratch. Say what you will about COD but there's constant progression, heaps of unlocks, zombie mode and a whole story/single player campaign.

      From my point of view, it's not that the game is bad.... it's just disappointing and not as good as it should have been.... and I usually keep my expectations quite low.

    How good would it have been if they did an HD remake of Battlefront 2, and added in some new maps on top as the $60 DLC or whatever the season pass is?

    Season Pass is $69.95 in the Xbox store. I picked up the game itself for $63. No, I shan't be purchasing your season pass sir.

    Just wait for the DLC to come out individually to see if its worth it. I've never bought a season pass in my life and I can't see that changing any time soon. You're paying for something you don't even know what's included.

    And who's to say you're going to be playing this game in a years time?

      And further to that, even if YOU'D like to be playing this game in a year's time, who's to say enough other people will be to decently populate this multiplayer only game

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