An Australian Team Will Be Playing In A Televised eSports League Next Year

The televised eSports league that will be featuring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from next year will contain one Australian team, according to one of the team's members.

In an interview with, West Australian Chad "Spunj" Burchill — who revealed in the same interview that his team received death threats on social media when they lost from upset fans gambling their skins — said the five Australian players under the wing of American organisation Renegades would be competing in the new televised league being organised by Turner Broadcasting and the WME | IMG global agency.

"Basically the next tournament after IGN for us that is guaranteed will be Turner [League], we're in that league," Burchill told "So whenever that's announced to be starting that's basically our main focus at this point, that's why we need to get better for that."

The list of teams competing in the Turner League aren't fully known, but eSports reporter Richard Lewis — who attended meetings around the formation of the league — has revealed some information about how Turner's new league might be more successful than the Championship Gaming Series, DirecTV's failed attempt to broadcast eSports on TV in 2007 and 2008.


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