App Deals: Get The Battlefront Companion App Now

Today's best deals include Soda Dungeon on Android, SW Battlefront Companion on iOS and KCals Calorie Counter on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

NOTE: This is a hand-picked list of apps that we think are worth checking out, but we do not endorse them in any way, nor have we reviewed them.

We separate productivity/lifestyle apps and games. Otherwise, the apps are not listed in any particular order. Some apps may require in-app purchases for extra features or levels, so check before purchasing or installing.



Road Recorder Pro for $1.94 (normally $2.99)

Task Harmonia for free (normally $2.99)

• <a style="font-weight:bold" href=""ezPDF Cup for $1.06 (normally $2.80)


Twist for free (new)

Soda Dungeon for free (new)

SW Battlefront Companion for free (new)



SKRWT for $1.49 (normally $2.99).

Grades 3 for free (normally $2.99)

Text Grabber + Translator for $1.49 (normally $2.99)

Busy — Stop Procrastinating for free (normally $6.99)


Star Wars Battlefront Companion for free (new)

Miximal for free (normally $2.99)

Skies of Blood for free (normally $1.49)

Board Game Stats for $2.99 (normally $3.99)

Windows Phone


GS Kids! Preschool Numbers for $1.19 (normally $2.39)

KCals Calorie Counter for $2.39 (normally $4.89)

Darksong Chronicles DX for $1.19 (normally $2.39)


Phage Wars for $1.19 (normally $2.39)

Tiny Empire Premium for $1.19 (normally $2.39)

Game of Clowns for $1.19 (normally $2.39)

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    I've been playing Soda Dungeon since the beta went up on their subreddit a few weeks back, it's a great little game, has beautiful sprite animations, and the dev is really quick to take feedback and implement and balance things. Plus, everything can be bought and unlocked with in-game currency fairly quickly (even turning off ads), and there's zero paywalls stopping progression. Well worth the download

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