At BlizzCon, Not Even Hydralisks Get To Jump The Line.

Briefly: Here is a truly inspired piece of BlizzCon cosplay, a Hydralisk from StarCraft. Go below for more images and some video.

Apologies for the blurriness. I need a better camera.

And here's some video of Hydralisk and his friend/foe (who I think is a Terran SCV, or maybe some kind of Transformer).


    The yellow beetle thing is Anub' Arak from WoW, Specifically his Cyb'arak skin from HoTS.

    'Terran SCV'? Oh god it hurts. That's Anub'arak from Heroes of the Storm with his mech skin.

    His friend is actually a skin from Heroes of the Storm, the dread carrion beetle Anub'Arak, but turned into a high tech mech.

    thats the terran version of Anub'Arak the Cyrpt lord from warcraft 3/wow/hots

      Now that you've pointed that out, I can see it, and I love it!

    Someone get Yannick in here to cover up this embarassment! "Terran SCV".........

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