Battlefront Easter Egg Celebrates One Of Star Wars' Best Bloopers

Battlefront Easter Egg Celebrates One of Star Wars' Best Bloopers

Video: Blink and you'll miss one of the best Easter eggs in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Spotted by GamesRadar, here's a silly background moment that happens in a Battlefront cutscene:

Bonk! As Star Wars fans already know, that's totally a nod to one of the most famous slip-ups in Star Wars. Pay attention to the right side of this clip, if you want to see it:

[Uploaded by: Sheriff Mahgnitton]

Haha! It's such a small moment, but I love that they included this in Battlefront anyway.


    I can't play the game with my old AMD 6990 with 2Gb RAM and Dual GPU :-(

      2015 AAA game and you thought you would be able to?

        considering that the min is 2Gb RAM Graphics Card and the fact that I can still play BF4 maxed out on the 6990. Yeah I thought I might be able to play it.

      I can play with all settings on Medium with my old 7970M @ constant(ish) 60+fps, I know if you benchmark the 7970m vs the 6990 my mobile card does actually stack up better, but I would have thought 30fps on low would still be achievable on low settings. I guess these things have a more abrupt cut off than 1 might think.

    Hahaha, brilliant detail. I pointed that blooper out to my kids just two days ago, and they thought it was hysterical.

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