Black Ops III: Last-Gen Vs Current-Gen

Black Ops III: Last-Gen Vs Current-Gen

You’d think from hanging around the internet that by 2015 most people would be playing Black Ops III on a PC, Xbox One or PS4. But remember, there are still a lotta folks out there with last-gen hardware. Now is the time to be reminded of their predicament.

When the latest consoles were still brand new, the differences between games across generations wasn’t that bad! These days…hoo boy.

Candyland put together the comparison video below, which shows that not only is the Xbox 360 version missing a lot of the more obvious stuff like fancy lighting that you find on the Xbox One, but that its interiors can be completely different and…armoured vehicles can be replaced by vans.


  • Goddamn. I know its ‘last gen’ that the 360 version is on, but wow… that’s an incredible difference. The geometry is *awful* on the 360 version…

  • It reminds me of the difference between Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and then you look at the same game on Nintendo DS.

    Completely different in perspectives as the games had different settings, and then some with different Multiplayer maps. However, the props used in the different platforms were considerably different as well, and you could see which is the better platform, but still played well.

    This however, is much, much worse. There’s no point buying the old version anymore.

  • I think they intentionally made the graphics look like crap.
    I mean really, some scenes are completely different and it looks like they went out of their way to make them look terrible to encourage people to make the upgrade.

    I don’t care eitherway as I’ll never buy CoD, plus I bought my xbone on release day. Only bought forza 5 and 6 so far which I never play :/ PC master race and all that. (Not really I just can’t be bothered playing console).

    • Yeah, that’s what it seemed like to me. Look at games like GTA V and Destiny, the lastgen versions with a casual glance look almost identical with lower res.

      • While I agree in that I think they put sweet FA effort into the last gen games; I would argue that the examples you gave don’t have simple changes under the hood.

        GTA V had not only better resolution and textures on current gen; but also had more moving parts in general (wildlife, pedestrians and vehicles). As for Destiny it has become incredibly hard to even make the game work that as updates roll out players of last gen are infact slowly losing features due to ram constraints.

        I remember deej sayying that even increasing vault space took a miracle to work on last gen and that is why it took forever to recieve the update.

    • There is no benefit for Activision to get you to buy a PS4 or XB1 to replace your last gen console.

      The Financial Benefit is from using less of you budget on the old platform. I’m guessing Last Gen is an older engine and Current Gen is a newer Engine which uses the extra power of the new machines.

      That being said the Last Gen support is pretty much dead, this looks to be the last big game they are going to get.

      • Yes, you’re right in there not being a financial benefit on the game itself. Unless of course they receive larger cuts for the new gen games (no idea, probably not). But there is so much more than the game itself with next gen peripherals and merchandise that play a factor in their profits. Not to mention, if they get them to upgrade now, they have more of a chance that they will be on board for the next purchase from that developer which probably won’t have last gen support.

        Also, like you said, they will save dollars from not having to develop for the old console, so they will want to get them to upgrade asap! Terrible graphic comparisons will help for some I believe :).

      • Yeah but how old is that engine? I’ve played COD World at War on the PS2 and THAT looked better than what I just witnessed!!

  • Kudos to them for even bothering to make a last gen game.

    You look at the sheer amount of detail the dev team put into the current gen game, and then you look at the last gen game, and I admit, I was half expecting stuff to be simply missing or slapped with a low res texture. But, I’m actually quite surprised as the last gen game has different props altogether.

  • Might have a bit to do with the fact that whole other developers yeah? Isn’t Beenox and Mercenary Technology the guys who did the last gen work, while Treyarch was basically solely working on the current gen stuff, simply overlooking the other guys to make sure it was as close as it could be?

  • I don’t think it looks that bad on last gen. I think their priority was to make the game run as close to 60 fps as possible so naturally the textures are going to suffer.

  • I have to agree with some of the above, I don’t think it actually looks that bad on 360. Think about the substantial gap in hardware power, how are you going to make a game run smoothly on a much slower machine? Use lower res textures, have much simpler lighting and replace or remove unnecessary objects that consume fps (foliage, moving displays that have no impact on the game, tank for a van etc.) and that’s exactly what they did. If they tried to put in all the trees and complex objects, they would have to compensate with resolution, fps, SUPER low res textures and it would look like Doom 2.

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