Blizzard Has Just Sent Out Their Largest Wave Of Overwatch Invites

Blizzard has announced that they've just flagged another set of accounts to join in the Overwatch fun — and it's their biggest wave yet.

The announcement went out just before 10:00 AM this morning, and fulfils expectations that Blizzard would open the gates further (much in the same way they did with Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone) to the Overwatch beta shortly after the conclusion of Blizzcon.

Those lucky enough to have been invited should have received emails already, or will do so over the course of the day. Blizzard also took pains to remind people that "beta wave announcements are only tweeted out once all accounts in that wave have been flagged and are ready to play".


    I've refreshed my inbox..... Nothing

    EDIT: Just refreshed it again...... Nothing

    EDIT 2: Just refreshed it again.... It must be with OzLotto one I am expecting any second now....

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    no clue, i haven't but remember only US based servers are online atm (not that id care lol) however not getting a key in the middle of exam is prob for the best haha

    Beta invites should be sent out on an WEIGHTED system! for example, my partner and I have every single blizzard game and expansion, spend money in HotS and Hearthstone, had an active wow subscription since the second week of vanilla, NEVER HAD A BETA INVITE. Meanwhile, my friend who bought starcraft and played it for 2 months get's every single beta invite. When someone spends over 10 grand on your products, why constantly give them the middle finger? WEIGHTED. SELECTION. SYSTEM.

      I am in the same boat as well, but there is an issue with your logic.

      If beta invites went out to ONLY die hard Blizzard fans, then it's not going to be a truly accurate representation of the entire community.

    I thought I was signed up. Ugh. Maybe I was. Surely I was. No idea, just want to play it lol

    This is pretty lame, feels like there are legitimately a LOT of disappointed players out there. It is a good thing I am going to check my email right now and find;... disappointment. :(

    I got my email around 1pm (Sydney time).
    Another way to check is to log into your account. It will list Overwatch Beta under games in account management.

    Opt-in pool? How does one opt-in?

    where is mine!! ahhh come on. the amount of money i smashed into heroes of the storm.. surely i deserve an invite for this

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