Blizzard Held A StarCraft Wedding In South Korea

Blizzard Held A StarCraft Wedding In South Korea

Last night, former StarCraft pro NaDa had the most fitting wedding ceremony you could imagine: at the Legacy of the Void launch party.

As tipster Sang points out, the ceremony was livestreamed on Twitch and the Blizzard Afreeca channel.

How’s this for an entrance?

And here is NaDa’s bride, whom he met while in college, with an elegant entrance.

If wouldn’t be a wedding if someone wasn’t fussing with the bride’s dress.

Or an altar with a giant StarCraft logo behind it.

“I do!”

Honestly, it was like most weddings. There was a song.

More dress fussing.


Messages from Mike Morhaime. You know, the usual.

And sincere displays of gratitude.

Congrats to the young couple!


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