Blizzard Wants Someone To Rebuild Their Classic Games

It's not territory the developer has waded into previously, but a job posting recently on their careers page indicates that Blizzard might be about to enter the business of re-imagining or at least refreshing their classic IPs.

Blizzard has begun advertising for a senior software engineer to work at their Irvine campus in California, with the engineer's primary focus to be on "restoring" the developer's legacy titles.

"Qualities that made StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II the titans of their day. Evolving operating systems, hardware, and online services have made them more difficult to be experienced by their loyal followers or reaching a new generation," the post reads.

Anyone with experience in x86 assembly, Visual Studio or debugging software written for Win32 or OSX will go to the front of the queue, although you'll also need an expert background in C/C++, five years minimum experience in development and a history debugging foreign code. The job description also wants the engineer to "combat hacking to improve multiplayer", along with introducing new features to refresh the titles.

Those interested in the actual job can go over it again here. Everyone else gets to wonder about what a refreshed Starcraft or Warcraft would look like — or maybe a redone version of Diablo 1 in a modern Blizzard engine.

Personally, I'd bite someone's arm off just to get a refreshed Warcraft 3 campaign. I've been missing a solid RTS romp from start to finish (new ones, at least) and WC3 vanilla and The Frozen Throne are two of the best RTS campaigns for my money. But I imagine there would be a lot of interest in Diablo 2 getting a fresh lick of paint too.


    This is cool, I missed all these being a filthy console gamer.

    I'd kill for Lost Vikings 3!

      Well, there's always Tri Force Heroes single player :P

      I'd settle for 1 & 2 on a 3DS

        Dunno why 2 from PSX isn't up on PSN for my vita, but yeah, like them on a handheld

      Blackthorne all the way

        Came here to say this, upvote for you.

        I always used to say the upgraded shotgun was the one they used in the third Evil Dead movie.

        Last edited 05/11/15 1:44 pm

    Yessssss. Make REAL games again, Blizzard! Even if it's just retreating your previous success stories. :P


    1080p WarCraft 2 would be absolutely incredible.

      Absolutely. I hated warcraft 3, I'd love a Warcraft campaign that would be much more like WC2, but with current graphics and play. Waited for sooooo long.

      Your sound card works perfectly!

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    They really shouldn't do this at least not with diablo. Diablo 3 would tank, there would be zero server load the day diablo 2 redux was released.

      Imagine diablo 2 running on the d3 engine but retains its dark setting. I would literally have zero life...

        I know, it would be incredible. I Would lose my job and probably not care.

    Warcraft 2 remake would be awesome, I never liked Warcraft 3 with the heroes and stuff, always loved WC2.

    As long as you don't make my RTS lag when playing single player.

    Hell, all they'd need to do with Warcraft II, is up-res it. Though that would make some early campaign maps almost entirely visible on one screen!
    Seriously, with that art design though....look how good WCII still looks today. Masterpiece it was...

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    please rock n roll racing, please rock n roll racing.......

      Agreed! I'd dig that, especially with some online multiplay!
      It's not quite the same, but have you ever heard of/played Death Rally on PC (Steam)?
      It's very rock and roll racing!

        oh man, i remember the classic one. there goes $5 lol

          hahahahahah I enjoyed playing through Death Rally. It seems a little odd at first, as there's no real set levels to progress through, rather you get a random selection of events to take part in, and every now and then, open up a "story" mission, but once you get in to it and unlock/upgrade some cars/weapons, it's loads of fun!

      Modern Blackthorne, anyone?
      Dat over-the-shoulder shot... So style.

    id be happy if they just fixed the damn macintosh installer so it works on intel CPU's again.

      I think you're talking about Warcraft 3 but if you meant Warcraft 2, I wrote a guide on how to install Diablo 1 on an Intel Mac which also works for Warcraft 2 Edition. At the end both were able to connect to and played fine.

    Personally I always preferred War Wind to the earlier Warcrafts.

      I so rarely hear anyone mention that little gem.

      So deep with its unit experience and customization... There were a lot of exploits, too, that made multiplayer a nightmare... but still. So great.

    I actually loved playing Warcraft: Orcs and Humans> I'd definitely play it again with other staples like C&C and Red Alert.

    Blizzard said years ago they were considering releasing their old games on, so it looks like they will be updating some of the old netcode for the re-release.

    If they're going through the library, can they at least start porting these games to Linux? It's not hard. Hell Blizzard used to employ the creator of LibSDL Sam Lantinga.

    Rerelease Diablo for the PSX! I loved the pc version, but sharing the screen with a friend on the playstation was awesome, wish they would release all 3 on the pc and consoles.

    I would also love a refresh of Warcraft 1 - 3, and the original StarCraft.

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