Boba Fett Is More Vulnerable In Star Wars: Battlefront Than You Think

It's great that you can fly around as Boba Fett in Star Wars: Battlefront, but it's worth remembering that you're not the only one airborne.

Being able to soar throughout the air is pretty much a necessity if you're playing as the heroes in Battlefront, since you need a way to close the distance between you and the cannon fodder.

Boba Fett can go one further though thanks to his super-handy jetpack. It's especially good on the tight Tattoine map, since you can easily soar on top of the shuttle without having to burn the cooldown on one of your charge abilities (and if you're playing the Hero Hunt mode and get stuck with Leia, then bad luck, since you won't be able to get on the shuttle at all).

But as this GIF illustrates, there are some downsides to the jet pack. Namely the bit where it inadvertently makes you vulnerable to, uh, aircraft.

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Keep an eye on the sky when flying, people.


    Pilot: "splatter like a bee on my windscreen"

    I find the jetpack useful for getting over ridges and maybe surprising the odd enemy but never fly like that. Not only can the above happen but you become the star attraction at a rebel shooting gallery.

    Lasted half a match as Boba on a walker assault yesterday until Skywalker ended me. Great fun.

    If played right you can go on massive kill streak. Xfactor Gaming had a 62 and 0 round of Walker Assault on Hoth.

      because you just sit in the walker and shoot people.... i did that during the Beta. Hillarious the first time, sad every time after that.

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