Bubsy Is Making The Comeback Nobody Asked For

Video: Coming soon to Steam... Bubsy? You remember Bubsy, right? It's OK if you don't. He was a — shall we say — less-than-beloved platforming mascot from gaming's early days. A company called Retroism got the rights, and they're trying to make it through Steam Greenlight. Good luck?


    Bubsy for Smash!

      Belongs in there way more than friggen Cloud :P

      I like this, let's bring into Smash "battle of the 90's mascots", get Bubsy in there with Ristar, Cool Spot, Crash Bandicoot...that walking Egg thing...Earthworm Jim.

    Bubsy was awesome.

      It really wasn't

        That's my childhood you're talking about there!

          Don't play it now. Nostalgia will betray you.

          Bubsy was awful. Everything about it was bad. The colour scheme, the inconsistent rules in the game world. the inconsistent visual cues on what was and wasn't dangerous, the weird collision detection, the often invisible and unavaoidable instadeath.

          Bubsy was really, really bad.

      I'd probably hate it if I played it again but I do have some find memories of it back in my SNES days!

      It was a game with faults, but it really wasn't a horrible game. I played it quite a bit on Mega Drive and I remember the contestants played it on A*mazing (one of the games I always looked forward to).

      I wish they'd at least port the PC version (looks a lot better) or do a widescreen port with an update for health/taking more than one hit.

        So glad i'm not the only one who thought of A-maze-ing. 8 yr old me wanted to go on that gameshow so badly. I feel bad for kids these days, the local gameshows are rubbish. We got a maze, console games, a giant keyboard ...and they get to cut up fruit and veg and arrange into a platter. Who honestly thinks thats what any kid would want?

    ...they’re trying to make it through Steam Greenlight. Good luck?
    Awesome games don't need luck.

      So this one needs every scrap of luck it can get!

    Wow, Nathan. Way to sound like a snooty asshole.
    I loved Bubsy.

      So did I. Sure it wasn't amazing but it had it's own charm

        Exactly this - it was just good fun

      He's trying to exhibit awareness and humour for legitimacy in the eyes of less mature readers by pandering to the percieved status quo, transparently. They do this a lot now.

        Or... Bubsy was an objectively terrible game with completely bizarre design decisions and if you played it for the first time now you would hate every grating voice and unfair death with every inch of your being.

    I liked bubsy. That being said it's one of the older games I haven't re played or thought of at all in the last decade so maybe my memories are clouded but I remember a neighbour having it and we enjoyed playing it at the time. I didn't even realise people didn't like it?

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      I remember it being played on that kid's game show Amazing. That was the best (Amazing, that is). Never liked the game myself though

        Haha, was going to bring this up too but you beat me to it.
        That show was pretty awesome except when the host was super awkward talking about a girl marrying him.

          The host in general was ALWAYS creepy and awkward. I liked the actual games parts though. Someone should bring it back.

            It was SO frustrating when the kids were searching for the keys, and the camera angle allowed you to see where it was as the kids fumbled around the room looking for it, and internally I was saying "Oh FFS it's right THERE!"

    Bubsy was a piece of mediocre shit. A cynical attempt to create a memorable platformer mascot in a time when every company tried to emulate the success of sonic or Mario.

      Controls were sluggish and the enemies were extremely average. Was a meh game when I was a kid an it is going to suck balls now that I'm not.

      Edit, just played the above video, that music is horrible too.

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    Glad I'm in the majority of people who liked bubsy

    But is he back, in pog form?

      He COULD be... the power is yours....


    I only have Bubsy 1 but what was wrong with it? Never liked it as much as the Mario or Donkey Kong games obviously but it was still a lot of fun.

    Haha I can't believe people on here are saying bubsy was anything but average! Maybe you were too young at the time. I was young myself but after being raised on Mario world and other great platformers this I found to barely be even worth the rental! Now who remembers plok? Great platformer from the SNES days.

      No one is saying it was a good game just surprised it's being talked about in the article as if it was a bad game. Certainly isn't on any top 10 lists that I know of but it was still a fun game back in the day, wasn't a game I remember playing and thinking "this is shit".

        It wasn't shit, it was just completely unremarkable imo is all, the SNES had a great range of games after all. There was a lot of marketing for it I recall that

    Bubsy goes in a special bucket alongside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game. Fun at the time, but best not to go back and look too closely now.

    I don't get all the hate for bubsy, was a great game in the day, people probably just sucked at it :p

    I always got the bargain bin games when I was a kid due to us not having a lot of money and I got bubsy on the snes for Christmas. Obviously it wasn't as good as the Marios and sonics of the world but I had heaps of fun with it. Especially liked the second world with all the roller coasters! I probably wouldn't go back and play it again but I wouldn't really go back and play Mario bros either...

    Bubsy was cool... but Bubsy 3D left such a mental scar on everyone that anything even Bubsy related is now hated with a passion.

    Ah the nostalgia, i was hoping you meant they were making a new Bubsy game =)

    "less-than-beloved platforming mascot from gaming’s early days"

    It was on the snes and megadrive, if thats early days for you then go back and play something like toads on the nes or pitfall on the 2600 to see how well bubsy plays. Bubsy was as much fun as Gex or Crash years later, hell it even got a sequel (which wasnt as much fun). Im assuming the OP was trolling, bravo!

    I still have my Bubsy for Mega Drive. I am pretty sure though that it was crap then and even more crap now.

    Relevant: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/11/02/retroid

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