Crazy New Heroes Of The Storm Character Is Controlled By Two People At Once

Crazy New Heroes of the Storm Character Is Controlled By Two People At Once

Heroes of the Storm's next hero is going to be a giant ogre named Cho'gall, game director Dustin Browder said today at Blizzcon. In a unique twist, he'll be played by two separate people at the same time. Holy crap. Blizzard really meant it when they said they're breaking all the MOBA rules!

Browder also clarified that you'll be able to play as the second Cho'gall person even if you don't own him — as long as your fellow Cho'gall player owns him. I imagine this also means that Cho'gall will take up two spots on a HOTS team.

This is absolutely bonkers. There is nothing like this in Dota 2 or League of Legends.


    Wasn't there a WoW april fools day joke along this line?

    So they've taken a WoW April Fools joke from 2005 (?) and chucked it into another game?

      Does it matter if they did? If ti works out and plays well then that is all that matters.

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