Destiny Player Loses Key Match In The Worst Way Possible

Destiny Player Loses Key Match In The Worst Way Possible

There’s failure, and then there’s failure that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

The setting: Redditor NoSleeves12 is playing Destiny‘s competitive player vs. player gauntlet, Trials of Osiris, with two of his buddies. His team has hit 8-0, which means they’re a single win away from getting a flawless victory and heading to the exclusive Lighthouse on Mercury. (A loss will deny them access.)

They’re fighting a tough team, and the match is tied at 4-4. (Matches in Trials of Osiris are played best out of nine.) NoSleeves12 is the only player left standing on his team.

With that all in mind, watch what happened:

This is THE WORST. Granted, he probably would have died to a hammer anyway. BUT STILL.


    • Same reason why competition play always involves wired mouse. Play without wires at own risk. 😛

  • Funny, didn’t think it would be that. If it was me, it would have been me screwing up a jump and death by misadventure.

  • He would’ve gotten a notification before that that his controller battery was running out of charge, his own fault for not doing anything about it prior to this match

  • Except that the XBone notifies you literally HOURS before the controller runs out, meaning you just ignore the thing anyway…

  • This is why i charge soon as that first warning comes up on my controller lol
    Totally not what I was expecting to happen though!

  • This is why if I know I’ll be playing for an extended period of time that I just keep my controller plugged into the usb charger. One usb extension cable is all you need.

  • Last weekend my fireteam went 8-0. In the last game we got stomped by a team that had two players who had gone flawless. It’s was 4 rounds to nil and we fought back to 4 all.

    In the final round we had two sunbreaker Titans with super fully charged. One our players got disconnected and we lost…I havnt turned my Xbox on since.

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