Diablo III's 2.4.0 Patch To Bring New Rift Options, Revised Sets And A New Zone

Blizzard really picked up its game with Diablo III's 2.0 update and each major patch since has continued to deliver the goods. 2.4.0 looks no different, promising a new zone, expanded areas, extensive set piece revisions and more.

The official overview over on Battle.net does a good job of covering everything coming with 2.4, so we'll just go over the bigger changes here. First off — there's a new area called Greyhollow Island. It'll be available via Adventure Mode and looks suitably dark and creepy in typical Diablo III fashion.

Next up is set pieces. With 2.4, Blizzard is taking the opportunity to revise almost all 24 available, with the objective being to not alone bring them up to par, but to provide players with a reason to use new combinations of skills and runes.

And of course, it wouldn't be a post-2.0 Diablo III patch without tweaks to rifts. In this case Blizzard is adding "empowered" rifts, which will allow players to trade gold for the chance to get more Legendary Gem upgrades at the end of a run.

All in all, it's sounding like a chunky update. Hit up Battle.net for the full breakdown.

PATCH 2.4.0 PTR PREVIEW [Battle.net]


    bah just die already. How many times do you want to kill the same thing over and over and over....uggggh so boring!

      I love D3, I've have probably clocked about 2000+ hours on it and I play least out of my mates :O

      beating a dead horse could not be more fitting.

      Its OK. If the game isnt to your liking, theres no reason to play it, or even click a link to a story on it. For those that play it though, the updates are a wonderful expansion of the game.

      The original game was disappointing, but what players get these days is so far beyond that vanilla game, it may as well be called Diablo 4.

        don't be silly. people have to click on an article they have no interest in about a game they do not like to tell everyone they do not like the game because somehow their opinion is all that matters and everyone must agree

    FINALLY a way to spend gold.
    Once you hit end game you become a multi millionaire with nothing to spend it on.

    Cannot wait! Love how Blizzard continues to support and refine the game...

    Just curious if anyone here has had trouble getting on to the US West realms for Diablo II or Warcraft III recently. I haven't been able to for a few days now.

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