Dota 2 Fan Gets Team Tattooed On His Leg, Team Pays His Flight And Hotel Costs To Event

There's dedication and then there's dedication. But seeing the team follow through on their promise to this one fan is what really makes this special.

If I was in PR I'd love the idea of fans getting tattoos to show their dedication. It happens a fair bit to major franchises — World of Warcraft fans have been getting Horde and Alliance insignia on their body parts for yonks — but it's still a pretty rare occurrence within eSports.

It's something that Alliance's Dota 2 squad is fast becoming familiar with, though, after the team came good on a promise to pay the expenses of a fan who had the Alliance logo tattooed to their calf. Joindota reported on the handiwork, which you can see below:

Image courtesy of Joindota

The recipient of the red-and-black branding goes by the name Offlaner on Reddit, and he went under the needle after making a public promise to do so if Alliance qualified for Valve's Frankfurt Major.

Alliance wasn't exactly favoured — although they were an outside chance — to qualify for the majors, so their entry into the finals was a welcome surprise. And they responded in turn for Offlaner, covering the cost of flights from Stockholm to Frankfurt and accommodation for him and his girlfriend for the duration of the event.

The Frankfurt Major, which has a US$3 million prize pool, kicks off on November 13 (Berlin time).



    That's horrendous

    I can almost taste the regret already.

    What a tool.

    However, I also think that teams encouraging fans to get tattoos in return for a free weekend holiday is a gigantic dick move.

      He wasn't encouraged. He said he would do it if they made it and they then paid for his free weekend.

    Sure that's not just coloured in with a marker? Coz if its real, how can he ever wear shorts or get laid again (for the first time)??

      I was thinking the same thing. Looks more like a texta job. If it's a tattoo he must have done it himself, because it's clearly not a professional piece of work.

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