Draws In Star Wars: Battlefront Aren’t Quite Right

Draws In Star Wars: Battlefront Aren’t Quite Right

The launch of a game naturally doesn’t mean that the game is complete. If anything, the launch of a game to the public often means the start of patching out some of the worst multiplayer bugs.

And Star Wars: Battlefront is no different. But as players might discover over the next few days, there’s a weird quirk with draws. They’re not quite right.

As part of my efforts last night to see how the PC side was holding up, I ended up in a lengthy game of Blast (Team Deathmatch) on Tattoine. It’s a pretty map, has a lot of tunnels and hills, and it looks nice.

The match got close towards the end — and then apparently we drew. Except we really shouldn’t have.

I imagine someone at DICE will issue a hotfix for this little quirk sooner rather than later. The post-XP prompts appear to have calculated everything correctly, but it’s that final header that sticks with people more than whether they get an additional 750 XP at the end of the match.

Still, it’s something to smile at. It’s certainly nowhere near as concerning as being able to fly a speeder bike through a bunker, after all.


  • Had the same problem in a game last weekend on XBone. I thought it was simply a scoring decision – like in Tennis – you have to have a clear majority to win. It would make sense for some ridiculously close games like that to be called a draw. And if that is their policy – I won’t complain.

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