Dreamfall Chapters Gets On The Latest Unity Train

After encountering far, far more issues with the newer versions of Unity than anticipated, Red Thread Games has completed the port of the first three episodes of Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey with a hefty update.

In an announcement on the Steam page, Red Thread says the update to Unity 5.2, which should allow Red Thread to fully resume development on Book Four and Book Five. Completing the port of the first three chapters has also introduced a string of improvements, including:

  • Engine upgrade to Unity 5.2. This upgrade should improve performance and stability for most users
  • Windows 64-bit version. Players with 64-bit OS and more than 3GB of RAM will experience fewer crashes and better performance. We strongly encourage Windows 32-bit users to upgrade to a 64-bit OS
  • New notification system for important choices and consequences
  • Numerous bug fixes and game tweaks, based on player feedback
  • Enlighten support. This affects the lights and shadows in all scenes, along with material and shader fixes
  • In-game bug report tool. Note that this tool may be removed in future versions of the game

Book Four: Revelations will be free to everyone once it's released, and another patch should be pushed out for the game "later this week or early next week".

The Mac spin on the port will be pushed out in the next 24 hours, while the Linux build will be released at the end of the week or early next.


    has there been any word on when this is coming to ps4?

    I know it was announced at the PS4 announcement

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