Elmo Versus The Jet Engine

Elmo Versus The Jet Engine

Video: Hope I'm not spoiling the outcome of this battle for anybody.

In the name of parents everywhere, PowerModz strapped either the most delightful or most insufferable (depending on many factors) Muppet on Sesame Street to a piece of wood and placed that piece of wood behind the jet engine that was just sitting around on the back of a truck. The results are as delightful as the man in the animal hat is annoying.

Have you noticed the mistake? Any real parent should. That's not Tickle Me Elmo. That's Sweet Kisses Elmo, who never did anything to anyone.

THEY EXECUTED THE WRONG MUPPET. And with no body to dispose of they're going to get away with it.


    I want them to get Elmo on Conan or something to watch this clip, he is a funny little bastard when he is not entertaining kids

    1.30m onwards for those that want to avoid annoying animal hat guy.

    Would have been hilarious if at the end we realise the truth and Elmo is in fact a terminator with a furry cuddly exterior...which then proceeds to destroy the jet engine ^_^

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