Everyone Will Get To Play Overwatch Shortly [Updated]

It will only be over the course of Blizzard's special Beta Test Weekend, but if you've told Blizzard via Battle.net that you want to play in the Overwatch beta, then you're going to get to play.

Update: Blizzard has clarified the language used in the tweets below, saying that "all accounts selected to participate in the Beta Test Weekend" have been flagged rather than all accounts.

The rest of the story follows below as it was originally published.

The official Overwatch Twitter account announced this morning that rather than partially opening the doors to Blizzard's inaugural shooter over the course of their three-day Beta Test event, they're going to let everyone in. No kidding.

They also announced just after lunch time that another wave of accounts have been granted Closed Beta access, meaning those accounts will be able to continue playing Overwatch after the three day special beta window comes to a close.

Notification emails are in the process of being sent out now, so you should know by this evening whether you've been fortunate enough to get in or not.


    Yeah I think that is a misread.

    I think that actually means All accounts they are going to flag have now been flagged.
    A lot of people I know who are setup as participating in the beta haven't been activated at all.

      Yeah, I've posted an update with the clarifying tweet from Blizzard that went out around 10-15 minutes ago, it's at the top of the article now.

      Also, awesome profile pic. Loved my 3DFX Voodoo Banshee card.

        Cheers :)

        I got excited when I saw the article only to have my heart broken a 2nd time today :P

    this is why i don't like twitter. not enough characters to properly explain haha

      Yeah, it wasn't worded well.

      I've posted an update at the top with the clarification from Blizzard and left the original story underneath, so hopefully that clears up all the confusion.

    I guess, I am just not important enough get flagged for Beta. T_T

    Last edited 20/11/15 5:11 pm

    Yeah thanks for getting my hopes up guys... :/

    this is such a lie, i have been applied for the beta for a year and i didnt even get the beta weekend flag event. Im usually optimistic, but this getting to be hopeless

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