Explore The Worlds Of Star Wars Battlefront

The Star Wars Battlefront beta is long gone, but if you're feeling nostalgic this could be a decent way to satiate the pangs.

It's a nifty little web app that allows you to watch sequences of Star Wars Battlefront gameplay from various different Star Wars 'planets', but pauses the action at key moments and provides pretty interesting info on who is fighting, what's happening, etc. There's also a handful of interesting videos to watch. It's Star Wars Battlefront porn basically.

It's marketing, but it's clever marketing. Particularly for a game like Battlefront that people are genuinely excited for.


    Excited for this to come out. Happy to give Destiny a break for a few months while I bask in some Star Wars goodness. Great trailer. Gives a lot of new information. Endor looks sweet.

    Classic Mark Serrels, writes an article and doesn't link to what he's writing about.

    Pretty cool demo thing. Those speeder bikes look fantastic. I pray they control well.

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