Fallout 4 Has An Infinite Caps Glitch

Fallout 4 Has An Infinite Caps Glitch

Just because it’s a wasteland doesn’t mean you gotta run around with scraps.

If you feel OK with completely breaking the economy of Fallout 4, there’s a glitch in the game right now that may be of interest to you. Behold:

So, what’s happening there? Fallout 4 players have discovered that selling and buying ammo in a very specific way lets you A) take all the caps from a vendor and B) continue selling phantom ammo to the vendor, thus allowing you to clean house at any shop. Here’s what you need to do.

  • First, find a vendor who sells ammo. Any ammo will do.
  • Pick an ammo type.
  • Buy every single bullet of that ammo type.
  • Sell exactly one ammo of the stash you just bought back.

If you do that correctly, after those initial ammo swaps you should then be able to sell an infinite amount of the ammo you bought, without actually having the entirety of your supply drop. You’ll perpetually have one bullet of phantom ammo that you can sell back. As you can see in my video, I walk in with 893 caps. I walk out with 1,322 caps, without actually selling anything of my own. If I wanted, I could have kept selling more of the phantom 308 rounds to the vendor, and used the surplus caps he owed me to take more of his stuff.

Now, I will say that this glitch hasn’t worked with every single vendor I’ve tried it with. I went around Diamond City, and it worked with 2 out of the 3 people I attempted it with, so your mileage may vary. If it doesn’t work with one vendor, try another. Or, try the steps outlined here again — I messed it up a couple of times, when I was initially trying it out.

If you want to roll around like a high-class vault dweller, I’d get on this quick — undoubtedly, Bethesda will patch this exploit. Personally, I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist: I don’t want to ruin the experience for myself.

Besides. I’ve already got one of the best guns in the game earlier than I’m supposed to. I’m good!


      • Does it really? Do all console commands impact the game like this? I was forced to use TCL to noclip my power armour out of a hole (or lost it forever)…would suck to get locked out of achievements because i had to save my power armour from bad level design.

        • AFAIK in older bethesda games using the console command locked you out of achievements but only for that session. So if you save and closed the game then re-opened it, it would allow you achievements again.

  • I did the glitch yestersay to buy the absorbent expensive armor which is actually not that great from the guy in the farm. 16k one armor without the perk for lower price is insane! Who will be able buy that thing seriously. Glitch the fuck out of him for being stupid priced.

  • I saw no glitch in that video. Instead I saw someone not paying attention to their display.
    You bought 57 .308 rounds from the vendor whilst having 76 in your inventory. You then sold the rounds back to him. After that you kept selling 1 round at a time to the vendor until you’d done this 54 times. You then leave with all his money, but now you only have 22 .308 rounds left in your inventory.

  • This cheat uses the Dogmeat duplication glitch and the special book found in your home in sanctuary to net you an amazing 77 SPECAIL attribute points. While it can be a bit nerve wracking at first it does work.

    Watch the video

    Step 1:
    Have Dogmeat as your companion.

    Step 2:
    Pick up the special book in your home in sanctuary, (this should be obvious from the blue crib and the special book is normally found under the changing table)

    Step 3:
    Drop the special book and stand back so you can command dogmeat to pick it up, yet as he comes to pick it up move closer and grab it just as he’s bending down. (stealth mode may help in this). If done correctly dogmeat will walk toward you with nothing in his mouth, and then drop a duplicate copy of the book at your feet.

    Step 4: Drop the duplicated books and pick them up for an extra special point. Continue this while paying attention to your attributes and save once you get to nine.

    Step 5: Make sure that you have a duplicated book that you can drop and get a special point from, except DO NOT pick it up. Instead make dogmeat fetch it. (This only works with 9 in a special stat… Don’t ask me why) proceed to duplicate the book again, only this time try to time your grab about the time dogmeat’s nose hit’s the ground. If you’ve done this correctly the screen will pop up, but once you confirm it will remain up… allowing you to add the eleventh point to you attributes.

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