Fallout 4 Has Ruined Destiny For Me

Fallout 4 has ruined me for Destiny, and in record time. I dropped hundreds of hours on Bungie's space-magic-fest, and yet one solid week of picking up every damn thing in the Commonwealth wasteland – so I can play an RPG like it's an interactive episode of 'The Block: Post Apocalypse Renovation' – has broken me. I'm a noob now. I play like a Kinderguardian.

I'm telling you this because it's what awaits you, ex-Guardian, as you sow your wild, irradiated oats in Bethesda's serious GOTY contender. I'm essentially Future-Man – completely out of synch with the rest of you, because early reviewer access meant my torrid love affair with Fallout 4 began seven days before its release. That was indeed a tough week. I had to completely miss out on Trials of Osiris. My once cutting-edge Titan, Warlock and Hunter stable made no appearances in Oryx's hard mode. The regular-ish dudes I raid with began a kickstarter for a private investigator to see if I was dead, un-revivable for reals.

I wasn't dead. I was cheating on them. Vault dwelling had me hooked like heroin pancakes, but the main quest fell by the wayside a while a go, and I'm more or less out now. Reformed. Rad levels: zero.

This morning I hopped into my Aspect of Glass ship, touched down in the Tower, and marvelled at how barren this once bustling centre of commerce and spontaneous teabagging has become. I checked the roster page – 40 friends online. 39 of them in Fallout, one guy watching Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead on Netflix. I de-friended him on pure principle. Then I grabbed some shitty gunsmith guns to test, made like Quaid, and got my sorry ass to Mars.

As I hit planet-side my shit's backwards to the point where I notice a Level 10 random gawking at my antics, like I'm a level 40, Light 316 drunkard with my feet on the DualShock. In not much time at all, Fallout 4 has retaught me that Triangle means jump; and so I faceplant down a few Martian chasms, switching to my secondary gun before I die. Likewise, whenever a Taken Corruption fills the landscape with dangerous foes, I die a horrible death as I gingerly open my very real-time gun menu for a better boomstick. This, of course, only happens after I hit Options, instead of mashing Circle to access my non-existent Pip-boy, an act that makes me look like I'm belligerently teabagging a blameless Martian rock.

And another thing: in the first ten minutes of my return, the sheer locomotion in Destiny frightens me like I'm a sloth strapped into roller-skates pushed down a mountain. Not too long ago I was doing the water-logged two-step that is thwomping around in a T-60 Power Armour suit. My enemies made only token efforts to avoid my aiming reticule, and any baddie within a general... well, “on the horizon and in my field of view... nnnow” sort of range could be reduced to pizza toppings with my pocket-nuke Fatman.

And so here I huddle – alone, shivering in the momentary safety of some nameless spawn cave on Mars. I peek out at four unknown players as they zip about in a Taken public event like Jedi Masters on methamphetamines, completely unaided by any sort of V.A.T.S. Hell, they don't even have perks that tell them they're S.P.E.C.I.A.L..

Basically, it would seem I've been institutionalised by Fallout 4, and I suspect the same is happening to you right now, Guardian. Today, it seems I have a choice: Get busy living, or get busy dying, and self-reviving, and dying again, until my regular fireteam rejoins me in a week / a month / a year from now. Sigh...


    Yeh I cut my destiny addiction off a few weeks ago now, just in time for all the new releases. I've been playing halo along with f3 and I am constantly pressing the wrong buttons. Not good when I'm pressing y to jump in multi, have a free kill buddy is how it looks smh

    Weird. I think it's going to be way longer than a week before I go back to Destiny. After I'm sick of Fallout there's Rise of the Tomb Raider, and there's still months til Destiny is likely to have new content.

    100+ hours Titan. Cut out Destiny last Tuesday and not sure if I'll ever go back.

    My enemies made only token efforts to avoid my aiming reticule

    I guess that happens when you go around aiming your handbag :)


    I spent much of my time with Battlefront last night trying to jump with triangle.

    Stopped reading when you defriended the cinema connoisseur watching Poultrygeist...

    Never bothered with Destiny, heard it was an MMO. I came here for Fallout 4...

    Joke's on you. I sucked at Destiny long before I played Fallout 4!

    Poor Bungie. Empty Towers everywhere. I will go back eventually as the shooting is so solid. But for now............Fallout baby!

    Shot a Fallen in the head the other day. Extremely satisfying and reminded me how good that damn shooter is. Anyway, back to V.A.T.S.!

      I give it like.... 2 weeks or until the December update drops and gives us some new shiny Gold pew pew machines to collect before I get sucked back into the daily grind haha

        I'll say Jan. :P

        Unless Xur is selling Fusion Cores this week!

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    wouldn't take much to ruin a repetitious and unrewarding grind of a game.

    I think we now know who the freelancer is that Stephen Totilo was talking about in his piece 'A Price of Games Journalism'

      Not unless he's changed his name! But nobody would be smart enough to do that.

    Well I got my 310 Touch of Malice last night. Woop.

    What is this Fallout thing?

    Nothing could ruin Destiny. It was already ruined to begin with. People keep telling me Taken King have solved Destiny's issue, which I get back into the game and found out I only have an extra maybe 10 missions and the game is dull again.

    Nothing to do besides repeatedly doing Strike which is just missions that I did before over and over or Raids which I have absolutely no interest in since it is just another mission type.

    i remember when i put halo 5 in and started shooting at things and i kept missing.
    i realised it was because pretty much all enemies in destiny are actually pretty slow and easy to hit while you are running around.

    things move in halo.

    By the time I finish with Fallout 4, Destiny: Taken will be cheap enuogh for me to consider. Nearly picked it up for $40 from K-Mart, but I'm only 48 hours in.

    As soon as I started playing F4, I changed the control scheme so Circle was jump and Triangle was my pip boy. Made sense to me!

      I thought of setting my fo4 controls to bumper jumper from halo 5 for the same reason but ultimately couldnt be bothered. Did you only change the jump buttons? maybe i should try that.....

    one guy watching Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead on Netflix. I de-friended him on pure principle.

    Anyone who unfriends a person over watching something like Poultrygeist, from Lloyd Kaufman at Troma (who incidentally gave us James Gunn, leading to Guardians of the Galaxy mind you) isn't worth knowing. Your ex-friend's better off.

    Oops, posted in wrong thread.

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    Remember on PS4 you can remap buttons via the PS4 Accessibility Settings. I use it to map the differences between Destiny and Battlefront to keep it the same...even though I haven't been in Destiny for a while....

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