Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues

Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues

You probably haven't heard, but Fallout 4 is out. After months of eager expectation, countless fans are tearing into it. Some, however, still don't have their copies, and they're not sure why.

We previously wrote about the problem with Fallout 4 pre-orders here in Australia, but it seems we're not the only ones facing issues.

Though we had our Fallout Day yesterday, today was supposed to be the big day in the US. Fallout 4 fans of all shapes and power armour sizes planned to "call in sick" and get lost in Bethesda's latest slice of irradiated paradise. And yet, if you go just about anyplace where people are discussing Fallout 4, you'll see a small avalanche of complaints about last-second delays. Heck, some people — like our own US news overseer Jason Schreier, who pre-ordered a regular PS4 copy of the game — say they haven't even received delay notifications. But the day's almost over, and the physical copies of the game they pre-ordered still aren't in their hands.

Others said they got sudden messages earlier today, some of them shortly after being told mere days earlier that everything was fine. Kotaku has received multiple email complaints about Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition delays on Amazon, and a cursory Twitter search yielded tons more.

Things are looking equally dire on Reddit, where many claim they have encountered last-second delays as well — and are just as frustrated. If these accounts are to be believed, it's not just Amazon. According to disappointed players, GameStop and Target have also turned gaming's biggest season into the fall (out) of their discontent. An unhealthy number of complaints on GameStop's Facebook page backs that up. Some orders have been delayed until tomorrow, others until the end of the week or indefinitely.

Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues
Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues
Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues
Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues
Fallout 4 Is Having Shipping Issues

I've reached out to Amazon, Target, GameStop, and Bethesda to find out what's going on. So far, only GameStop's replied. A rep explained:

"Due to an unforeseen shipping issue, a small number of orders for the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition were delayed by one day. We were able to ship these items today and affected customers will have the game shortly. We are working vigilantly to ensure this doesn't happen again."

However, given that reports of non-Pip-Boy versions getting delayed by Amazon have surfaced, this may not be the only issue.

Did you pre-order a physical copy of Fallout 4? Has it shown up yet? If not, have you been directly informed of a delay or given a reason for it? And finally, has the retailer you purchased the game from offered a voucher or anything like that as an apology?


    So it may be a manufacturer issue I guess.

    I'm sat here looking at an AusPost tracking page, showing my Pip-Boy edition is somewhere between Queensland and Western Australia. It wasn't even sent out until 9pm EST on Friday 6th.
    You know what is REALLY shit though? I have friends who got their Pip-Boy editions Tuesday morning, no issues whatsoever.

    I'm trying really hard to not let it bother me, but it's super shitty to watch everyone else on your Steam list enjoying their game when you have no idea if/when yours will get here.

    It's a complete shambles that a company like EB, who is extremely happy to take your money, can't or won't make a commitment to delivering a product at the same time as competitors, or at LEAST letting us bloody know instead of inferring from a tracking page.

      Just get a standard copy and return it when yours arrives. They have to do their best to not break streetdate, not sure what you expected. Blame AusPost if anyone, they're the once who have not delivered yet.

    Mine was apparently in town and loaded for delivery yesterday morning, but ended up being "Undeliverable" due to a "Timing issue". Loaded again this morning. I'm not mega fussed as long as they actually do get it to me eventually, but I've had bad experiences with Toll in the past.

    EDIT: Should mention that I just ordered the vanilla PS4 version through JB.

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    I love it how one of the "Also on Kotaku" articles was "In Fallout 4 Luck Is Important." Yep well said

    This is why I'd never risk pre-ordering a physical copy.

    Not that there's any need to pre-order unless you want the special edition goodies.

    Pre-ordered from JB, delivered by Toll this morning at 9.

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    Meh. Shippping issues have plagued mankind for centuries yet we still find an excuse to get pissy every time some kind of unforeseen event occurs. Keep those excuses and "you'd thinks" to yourself. Get some damn perspective, react accordingly and maturely. Anything involving rage or speculation is not mature.

      I think for a lot of people it's not so much the shipping issues and is more about the lack of communication regarding shipping issues.

    Pre-ordered through JB (standard ed) and EB (pipboy ed). Pipboy edition arrived before 8am yesterday, JB version apparently arrived after 8:30am today.

    I am happy.

    Ordered a copy from JB and it was shipped late. But in return they sent me a $10 gift card, which is a fair trade I guess.

      Same. Got an email late tuesday that said it was just sent out and another offering a $10 credit, which I have not recieved yet. There wasn't an option for express delivery when I ordered (or at least, I don't recall seeing one) so I am expecting the game to show up Friday if I'm lucky.

    Pre-ordered my digital copy, no delivery issues here

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    Was lucky enough to get my standard edition from JB Hifi delivered to Perth yesterday and this morning the receptionist said the Toll courier commented on how many copies of that game he had delivered that day. I bet it was a metric fuck tonne. I'm not surprised there are delays.

    Pre-ordered from JB, I got an email saying it was booked in on Saturday. Then another on Monday saying in transit. So after keeping an eye on the tracking page, I got. More and more anxious as the day went on. When check just before leaving work it said - "undeliverable: line haul schedule" whatever that means. It now says that it ison board for delivery. Because of my super-slow internet, it would have had to download over night, but I would have been able to play this evening. Now I will have to let it download tonight, and only play tomorrow... I'm not tooo upset.
    It feels incredibly unfair that I paid early and upfront, but will only get to play 2 days after the game releases.

      I hope I'm wrong but everyone I know has been saying PC version has been 5GB on disc and 19-20GB download :( So you may not escape the downloads anyway.

        Yup thats whats happened to me; got the disc copy from JB; installed 5 gig then the download from steam started at 5/24gig.. once it was done activate the product on steam and good to go.

    It might be worth noting for those recieving through auspost that strikes at the airports nation wide might be delaying parcel shipments.

    Pre-Ordered the Pip Boy from GameStop, I haven't gotten a delay notification or anything. I don't care when it ships at this rate, just as long as I know it's on its way.

    Last time I order with bloody JBHIFI!! Pre-order, pay early and expect delivery on the release day. Wait around all day yesterday for Toll who say 'out for delivery' but nope, at 7:30 it was returned for delivery and now it's out for delivery again today, apparently.. we shall see if I get it. I am absolutely livid. Not to mention today it is only $51.20 on Target eBay store. Furious with JBHIFI for not sending it earlier, and TOLL for their terrible delivery service.

    I ordered the PBE for in store pickup with EB, I picked it up yesterday morning no issues.

    My only complaint was that most of the game wasn't on the disc.

    things on reddit look 'dire'? this must be one of those pesky days of the week that end in the letters d-a-y. it is one of the years biggest launches which mean the scale of the problem always seem way worse than normal, of course it does, because there is a way bigger pool of customers.

    Furthermore it isnt so much a Fallout 4 problem but it shows the downside of a global market place and having such things being run by machines/computers. Of course their is no communication because these things are process 'personally' anymore.

    but by all means just keep making these click bait headlines, and ignore the fact these type things happen all the time these days and not just with games.

    Pre ordered from JB HI FI Online. It was delivered on time.

    Still waiting on my copy. Tracking says In Transit. It was processed through nearby Auspost depo at 6:30am this morning. EB blaming Auspost, despite them revising the delivery date to the 12 on Friday when they started processing it, and didn't ship it til Monday night. Will stick to In store pickup from now on, I think.

    Mine was a day late

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