Fallout 4 Mod Replaces Simplified Dialogue With Full Subtitles

Fallout 4 isn’t even a fortnight old, but the game has already received one of its most anticipated mods — a complete revamp of the interface that replaces the shorthand dialogue opptions with full text sentences.

It’s a collaboration between modders Shadwar and Cirosan, although the latter is reportedly responsible for the English translation only. The idea is pretty simple: instead of having the basic Yes/No/Sarcastic/More Info options, this mod replicates the numbered list of dialogue options Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas players would have been accustomed with.

There’s full and lite versions available if you want a complete overhaul of Fallout 4’s system. The trimmed down version still provides you with the full text of what your character will say, but it doesn’t overhaul the interface and is more compatible for those playing with a gamepad.

“Thanks to shadwar’s work, it also revamps the interface so that the game will now display dialogue options in a list and use the number keys for input, instead of clustering all of them together and forcing you to use the arrow keys,” Cirosan wrote on the NexusMods page.

To install the mod, you’ll need to extract the files from here — don’t use the full version of the mod in conjunction with the lite version, or things will break — into the Data folder where Fallout 4 is installed.

From there, you’ll need to edit Fallout4.ini (typically found in your DocumentsMy GamesFallout4 folder) like so:

Add “, INTERFACE” (without quotes) to the end of this line, so that it looks like so:
sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS, INTERFACE

And then you’re good to go.

NMM now supports Fallout 4 as well so you should be able to download the software through that, although if you don’t want to use that software you can find everything you need on the mod page.

It’s worth noting that this is still in beta — which is to be expected given how fresh Fallout 4 still is — and as a result there are still some quirks to be cleaned up. Some have posted that scenes with long sentences can occasionally be cut off.

Furthermore, Cirosan (the person responsible for the English port) posted in the threads that the method used “doesn’t require any fluency” in any particular language. “All I need is the .strings files of the foreign version (found in your Fallout 4 directory DataStrings) — the three files in there, from the language the mod is to be translated to. If I have those, I can translate the mod to every language I can – French, German, Spanish, you name it.”

No wonder the port’s available so soon after release. But as Cirosan noted, the majority of the credit belongs to shadwar for the original NewDialog mod. If you’re feeling generous, go shower them and their work with love.

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