Fallout 4 Has Lots Of Bugs, Reviewers Say

Fallout 4 Has Lots Of Bugs, Reviewers Say

Fallout 4 is out today, and with it comes a few big questions. One of those questions: Just how buggy will it be?

Anyone who’s played the last two games by developer Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout 3 and Skyrim, has grown accustomed to a certain level of what we all call “jank” — physics not working properly; characters popping through floors; conversations repeating themselves; etc. These are massive, memory-stretching open world games with tons and tons of moving parts; the more features and pieces get packed into an RPG like this, the tougher it is to optimise. So it’s always been a safe bet that Fallout 4 would have some of these same issues.

But there’s a big difference between “jank” and “game-breaking.”

This morning, the Fallout 4 review embargo (not to be confused with the Fallout 4 review embargo embargo) lifted. We’ll have a review in the near future; for now, check out Chris Suellentrop’s impressions for some thoughts on the post-apocalypse.

Pretty much everyone who’s played the game, Suellentrop included, says they have run into glitches and bugs ranging from minor (framerate drops) to major (total crashes). One piece, published on The Verge by Kotaku friend Chris Plante, stands out. “Nine hours into Fallout 4,” he writes, “I’m stuck inside an elevator.” As it turns out, elevators are totally broken in his playthrough, and even after loading an earlier save, he just keeps getting stuck.

Whatever I do, I feel as though the game could break at any moment, making any additional investment meaningless. At best, I’m treating my play time like an unpaid quality testing assignment. At worse, my investment proves to be a wash, and late in the game this bug prevents me from reaching the conclusion.

So that’s where I’m at. Nine hours in, I’m stuck in an elevator wondering if it’s even worth getting out.

That’s the worst of them, and the most alarming. I’m terrified at the thought of starting up Fallout 4 tomorrow night and playing for a dozen hours only to discover that the elevators are all broken and I’ll have to start the whole damn game again from scratch. (Plante played the game on PS4.)

As far as I can tell, few other reviewers ran into game-breakers like that one, but just about everyone says the game is full of bugs. Let me give you a quick sampling, from people playing on both console and PC.

Writes Chris Carter at Destructoid:

At this point, you’re probably aware of Bethesda’s history with shipping buggy open-world games by now. If you were hoping that somehow a generational leap would magically buck that trend, prepare to be disappointed. Nearly every classic glitch is accounted for, including occasional save data issues, repeated dialogue, frameskipping, severe frame-rate drops, pop-in, falling through the floor, and so on.

And here’s Dan Whitehead at Eurogamer:

The broad sweep of the game is as absorbing as ever but, like the cockroaches that survive a nuclear blast, Bethesda’s bugs have also endured the shift to new-generation console hardware.

It’s impossible to miss the glitches, bugs and downright broken bits in Fallout 4, and that can’t help but dim its shine. I’ve watched my dog sink slowly into the floor. I’ve beaten countless high-level enemies that have got snagged on scenery or locked in an animation cycle, holding them in place so I can snipe them at my leisure. I’ve watched textures pop in and out of existence, and seen the very walls and streets around me vanish, revealing the ghostly void underneath.

Here’s IGN’s Dan Stapleton:

Fallout 4’s performance on both consoles is tolerable, but sometimes disappointing. We’ve seen frequent frame rate slowdowns well below the target of 30 when simply walking around the world, and hitches of a second or more that arise mostly after loading a new save or fast-travelling. The PC version has been much smoother in that regard, running between 40 and 60fps on Ultra settings on my GeForce GTX 970, and maintaining 60 when I lowered only the anti-aliasing settings. On all platforms we saw occasional crashes (the auto-save system prevented any major loss of progress), and every so often we hit a side quest that won’t properly begin or end due to scripting bugs.

And independent reviewer Jim Sterling:

Which brings us to the less savoury matter at hand. It’s time to talk about bugs — Fallout 4 has them, and I’m not referring to Radroaches. Being a Bethesda open-world game, you might be inclined to expect glitches and, well, those expectations will yield frustrating fruit. Pretty much everything you’ve seen impact Bethesda games of the past can be seen here, from a handful of potential quest bugs to wacky A.I. pathfinding and a number of physics-based anomalies. I’m also not sure whether or not an early story mission become unbeatable on a test file, because I’m sure the raiders I needed to kill weren’t spawning.

You get the picture, right? General consensus is that this is a very good game and a worthy if not groundbreaking sequel to Fallout 3, but if framerate drops and other bugs drive you crazy, you might want to hold off until we hear more about Bethesda’s plans for patching the game. I’m still excited to dig into Fallout 4, of course, but it’s a bummer to have to play with that sense of foreboding hovering over you — that sense that everything could fall apart at any moment.


      • Not sure why as customers we simply sit here and accept it. Stockholm syndrome?

        Personally I don’t really care about fallout4 much but stuff like this really proves why we shouldn’t jump on the hype train, especially as badly as most people have done for this game.

        I’m not 100% sure but I believe Witcher 3 didn’t have this many issues, and such serious ones on release… from a much smaller studio with a much smaller budget.

        • It was also pushed back multiple times and wasn’t without it’s issues.

          Quests that couldn’t be completed, ones that couldn’t be started.

          Restarts required etc.

          For an open world basically sandbox game to have a little bit of Jank in it is not at all bad as long as it doesn’t cause a restart or stops you from being able to pass the game i believe it’s fine they’re just teething issues.

        • To be fair, Witcher 3 was a fairly straightforward game compared to Fallout or Skyrim. Maybe it’s just the gamebryo engine, but Fallout was always very particular about the whole persistent world thing. For example, in Witcher 3 everything follows its own order, and the player is locked out of areas of the map before the devs think it’s time to allow players to go there. In Fallout NV you can storm Caesar’s garrison mid-game and kill literally everyone who was meant to be part of the ending. Bethesda lets you do that, and along the way lets things break too often.

          • So isn’t that just and example of bad design? Yay, you can go do anything you want…. but don’t do that because you’ll break your whole game.
            Seems like a simple problem where too much freedom is flat out a bad thing. I always feel that if you want that sort of game, go play minecraft. Otherwise, there should be at least some structure and guidance. Plenty of other games do it. WoW is a massive game with huge open areas, and you can technically go anywhere right from the start…. but you won’t because you’ll die. It’s designed that way as to guide the player and present the story line…. it doesn’t let you go kill the end boss in the first 1 hour.

          • I’m not seeing the parallels between MMORPGs and Fallout. Fallout is an attempt to emulate a world, kind of like GTA. MMORPGs are just a platform for ranking/grinding and fetch quests. Fallout NV did break sometimes, but sometimes that’s what you’d expect. Send a kid across the world through a scorpion nest and expect to meet him for a reward later? You can walk your separate ways and still return and find his body near the nest. Witcher 3 was a good game, but it had nowhere near that same complexity that Skyrim or Fallout had.

        • Because Bethesda releases great games that are fun regardless of how many bugs there are. Just because it’s buggy doesn’t mean it’s bad

  • I recall the same things being said about New Vegas, and I was fortunate enough to get through my (un-patched, vanilla version) first playthough without encountering anything gamebreaking. Then again, the same things were said about Skyrim, where my first playthrough got broken about 12 hours in after the Morag Bal quest triggers borked and left my game in a permanent shaky and rumbly state (which was totally unplayable as a stealth character).

  • Sweet not a problem will just get stuck into Rise of the Tombraider give fallout a bit of time to get patched up.

  • I’ve played all of the fallout games on the PC and haven’t come across any serious problems.
    It seems rather laughable that someone would think that the game being released on a nexgen console would be bug free.
    There isn’t a piece of software any where in the world that is bug free.
    Give it some time, patches will be released.

    • Actually military grade flight computers for fighter jets tend to be completely bug free since failure would, y’know, be a pretty huge deal.

      Of course that doesn’t compare to video games but I do reckon most people are being too complacent with this these days. We’re upset there’s bugs because, by golly, you would think they’d have learned to put in that bit more effort into providing a smoother, more reliable product after years and years of being criticised as sloppy and lazy etc.

      Not to mention that it’s just heartbreaking to see the horrifying trend of publishers/developers rushing games out the door with the attitude of, ‘it’ll be alright – we’ll just patch it later!’ Not to mention the fact that so many gamers complacency on this issue validates this.

      • An operating system kerbal was created that has no vulnerabilities and no bugs – only one to ever be verified.

        It’s for enterprise, SCATA, government and military use.

        It can use VMs to allow it to have broad applications, but it doesn’t ever compromise the system itself.

      • Pretty sure the problem here is multiple platforms, OS, diversity of hardware and drivers being the biggest problem, and trying to optimize it all for each and every component on multiple platforms within a time limit……

        Also new components and technology coming out at a steady rate while already trying to optimize it for existing tech.

        • Treue there’s so many variables that indeed, the bugs are not surprising as others have said, but there are plenty of examples of old bugs that shouldn’t exist anymore. Also while I can sympathise with the enormity and complexity the devs face; I can’t sympathise with the publishers whose role it is to oversee the cost, effort and time required to ensure that their products they advertise are of appropriate quality.

          The recent (and ongoing) debacle surrounding Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC version is a perfect example of those in charge just not giving a shit.

  • I still remember a bug in Skyrim that didn’t let me finish the Werewolf storyline because I completed an earlier quest to retrieve a crown. There better not be shit like that in this game.

    Also name your character Assface. Cogsworth will call you that.

    • Yeah, I’m on PC this time round, so at least I can repair some quests with the console, As for Cogsworth? I might try “Mike Hunt” and see how that goes.

  • Nice to see it get all these high reviews despite the fact that if pretty much any other publisher/developer released a game in the state fallout launches in, it wouldn’t get above a 9.

    Bet $1000 someone who says bugs just come with game development for fallout and that it dosen’t effect enjoyment of fallout, will be saying that developers are lazy and need to fix their game for any game released by a major publisher next year.

    • I can’t help but agree that if a game lacking the affection of the community came out with this many bugs it would be fairly hammered. Even despite knowing this I am really looking forward to getting my copy tomorrow.

      • I don’t know about that, I think if the game is good enough at its core, many people will happily overlook a lot of things. Especially in a game of this scope. It does make you wonder though

    • New Vegas was definitely marked down because of bugs no doubt due to the dev being Obsidian. Beth get a free pass, sigh. Now excuse me while I listen to some Fleetwood Mac.

    • I don’t know, I think bugs just come with game development for fallout and that it doesn’t affect enjoyment of fallout, so I say that developers are lazy and need to fix their game for any game released by a major publisher next year.

      • No i think it really does come down to the developer and publisher itself. If Rise of the Tomb Raider came out with a bug that possibly wiped your save if you completed a side mission in an unanticipated way for example i guarantee that it would get HAMMERED solely because it is an Xbox exclusive and Sony boys would create as much noise as possible about it (and vice versa if it was a PS4 exclusive – i am not saying one fanbase is better then the other because they certainly are not).

        Would love to see people extend the same curtsey when Star Wars Battlefront gets released next week but i guarantee that because it is an “EA” game/ DICE game that if there are a few bugs it will get hammered by the press and by general gamers.

  • who cares, if I didnt want bugs on a Bethesda game I would wait a few months, until after at least a few patches and/or unofficial patches from modders. They are to be expected and then some.

    ALL RPG’s of this level of complexity always come with bugs, some minor some major. In a perfect world it shouldnt happen. But as a long time gamer it is a part of gaming life. For me it is how the developers choose to deal with the problems that are the issues and these guys really support their game.

    While reviewers are right to mention bugs, some just want to get clicks so they try to go against the praise and focus on bugs as if they are the sum total of the game.

    • it’s not ok to release a game with game breaking bugs. that’s not click bait it’s just trying to get the industry to wake up and realise this. minor pop in issues, stutter etc are fine but when it’s game breaking and requires a restart it’s not on.

      • sure and in a perfect universe world peace is awesome, but guess what, here in this reality we have neither. my statement is not justifying them but understanding why they exist. the amount of variables in involved in a game as complex as something like this is staggering. No amount of unofficial testing could find the same amount of bugs that a few million people playing can. It naive to think otherwise. At least MMO’s (the closest thing we have to this type of game) have mass alpha/beta and even then bugs still get through.

        Some of the best games of recent years have come with show stopping bugs like Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity. Yet compared to the labour of love and follow up support both of those games/companies offer to focus on the bugs is rather questionable. While things Assassin’s Creed Unity or Batman Arkham Knight is the other nasty side of the equation. Unlike those companies Bethesda have proved itself time and again, they prove at launch their games are always buggy but its not due to disinterest to their customers by a by product of the games they create.

        • My cars complex, if i bought it new and then it stopped while i was driving i’d be pissed. It’s fine for reviewers to point out bugs. If they are in the product then it’s fair game and isn’t click bait. Little bugs are acceptable and if noted most reviewers don’t make a big deal, but if a reviewer played the game and lost 10 hours of progress due to a major bug they should report that because that’s the experience they had. The reviews i’ve seen are being positive while mentioning the bugs, they aren’t saying “this game is terrible” they are saying “this game is fun but be warned there’s bugs” which is what their experience was.

          • Agreed. It’s not unreasonable to be frustrated by game bugs, but it’s worth keeping in mind that many games (especially something like Fallout 4) are orders of magnitude more complex than a car, even including the car’s onboard software. Bugs are unavoidable and frustration should probably be tempered some by having reasonable expectations in that respect.

          • To be completely honest, new cars have massive problems all the time. That’s why they have a warranty. The car is fixed without cost to you, but the inconvenience is just something you have to deal with.

            This is the same. It might die completely. Wait for the patch. Sorry for the inconvenience.

          • I always said i’d be pissed if i bought a car and they told me i could have the fourth wheel later…

            but then i realized i wasnt paying $50,000 for a game…

          • Argument still stands. If a game has game breaking bugs it’s ridiculous to call out reviewers as writing click bait when they point out these bugs.

      • Agree its not ok but it does happen; its just part of everything. If you narrow it to software; I work in QA testing a software suite that while very complex, is by far not as complex as I assume Fallout is… But we still release the software with bugs that screw up things…

        It comes down to heaps of things:
        Complexity of the software
        Quality of the devs
        Quality of the QA testers
        Number of Devs
        Number of testers
        Quality of the Processes
        Quality of the management
        etc etc etc

        Not only is the software itself complex there are a lot of human elements that go into how a company works and how a company deals with issues in their products. I dont think any of them are happy to release a sub par or buggy product but it can and does happen.

        If I use myself again as an example; we have say 5 people who test our product which covers pretty much all facets of a typical business and then some (Purchasing, Payroll, Accounts Payable, etc etc etc) and we perhaps dont have the best doco either. So when we in the QA dept say yeah it seems ok thats based off the amount of testing 5 people can do across a huge product based off of our knowledge and the limited doco. It then goes out to 1000’s of customers who then break it…

        Its the same thing here. Bethesda has done what they think is reasonable in avoiding bugs but then millions of people then get their hands on the game and do weird things and do things in certain orders or step on this pixel.

        Wow that got long… sorry 😐

  • Also to be honest I’m going to do so many play throughs that if my first one stops at 12 hours, i’m not really going to care. I’ll probably have decided that hey I want to try a melee build so I can crush people with 1 hit.

  • I think jb hifi fallout deliveries have crashed Toll’s track and trace website. I can’t get into it anyway.

    • Managed to load the page, to find:
      “Undeliverable: Linehaul/Aircraft Delayed due to weather.”
      Nope, unless when Toll says “weather”, they mean “our fuckup”. I deal with couriers through work frequently enough that I shouldn’t have jumped at JB’s deal for delivery today. The entire deliver industry thrives on the rort that is “We promise* next day delivery” (fine print *This should not be taken as a promise, or even suggestion. We’ll get around to it when it’s convenient). And, by the sounds of it, only about 20% of the game is on the disc – should’ve just bought the damn steam key.

        • I giggled far too much at this.
          Just imagine it, “Honest Courier Webpages”
          “Delayed due to ”
          “Delayed due to it’s in that pile somewhere”
          “Delayed due to Bob”
          “Delayed due to mandatory hold on the most urgent deliveries”

          • I once had a order that the fancy tracking system told me had reached the courier warehouse. There it stayed for a few days. When I asked the supplier where it was, I was told that it had been “misplaced” and the couriers were searching the warehouse for it.

    • Had to try the site a couple of times to see mine is in transit from VIC to WA. Hopefully I’ll get it this week. 🙁 I’m hoping JB just shipped a pallet of Fallout 4 copies overnight to WA so we could all receive it today. Not holding my breath though.

      • Nothing gets shipped to WA overnight.

        Stuff is trucked to Vic or SA, loaded on a train, and sent to Perth. From there it gets put back onto trucks and distributed. Usual turn around from Sydney/Melbourne to Perth is 3-4 days.

        Sorry man.

        • Holy shit I just checked again and the package is in Perth and out for delivery. I may get it today after all.

          • Just received it. Well played JB… Well played. Well I know what I’m doing tonight. Wife and child forgive me for the neglect you are about to receive. 🙂

          • Man! I live in Canberra and I didn’t even get mine today. 🙁

            “Undeliverable:Timing Issue”. Whatever that means. D:

          • Don’t worry I didn’t get mine either. The boss is lucky though because he kept me back till 7:30 checking some stock discrepancies (I’m the IT guy so don’t understand) and if Fallout had been on my desk when I got home I would not have been coming in today as revenge.

          • Just checked, it’s out for delivery now but toll got it to my town yesterday just didn’t deliver, screw them.

          • Yeah, mine is allegedly out for delivery for a second time this morning. Let’s see if they get around to it this time. If I eventually have to go pick it up from their office as I have in the past, I’ll be pretty unimpressed.

          • Don’t forget the time difference here in WA, it is important! If it is available for delivery at 1400hrs EDT, then after looking at JB’s website, doing the calculations, and allowing for maximum variables, you should be able to play it in 2021.

  • Installed on ps4.
    500mb update.
    Now installing update going up 1% every 30 second’s.
    Not going to play before work
    Lol lol lol

    • I’m getting it tomorrow on PS4, don’t expect to be able to play it until Saturday because PS4 is so slow at updating.

  • Classic Bethesda.

    I look forward to buying it a year or so from now when it’s reduced tot he price that a buggy game of this quality deserves

    • I just don’t think people care that much about bugs.

      In a way it’s a testament to how good Bethesda’s games are that people just buy them and love them anyway (I’m one of those people).
      Skyrim won a million game of the year awards and it was broken beyond belief on the PS3!

      I just accept it and get on with enjoy the games. You’ll get a lot of people on the internet who’ll make a lot of noise about the bugs but for most people on most play throughs it’s good enough.

      I’ve played every Scrolls/ Fallout game since Morrowind (the only one I didn’t finish) and only once have I had a quest break on me in a way that I couldn’t finish it.

      I’m not saying it’s acceptable to ship a game with this many bugs, just that people won’t care and it’ll make a ton of money regardless. I know I’ll be starting it this week!

      • Yeah, I’m the same. Small glitches and bugs I can live with, can happily overlook if the game is good enough.

      • Yep. Following my comment I got an email from GreenManGaming for 20% off & impulse-purchased for $60. Played it for half an hour and counted 4 bugs, 1 of which was incredibly frustrating & ruined a reasonable amount of gameplay for me once combat started. Now I’ll be moving through the world constantly worried that I’ll need to alt-tab while laughing at the stupid AI/pathing & how clunky their animations are. Hopefully once I’m further into the story it won’t bother me so much but the fact remains that basically what we’ve been given is a game built on a 4 year old engine with recycled AI/pathing/animations from games which are between 4 & 7 years + some improved graphics.

  • This is the main reason i decided to hold off until christmas and hopefully some patches have come through 🙂

  • Hi all, I just need to know one thing. For those playing the (so called) physical version on PC – can anyone tell me how much of the game is on the disk/disks?

    I need to know how much of a download I’m in for …

    • when I installed at midnight it was like 5gb on disc then 19gb odd download. needless to say i didnt play last night. day dreams of a time when you bought a physical copy all you had to download was a patch.

      • Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I have 12 gig a month (rural) …. looks like I’ll have to drive to a mates place in Brisbane to download the game, adding $25 in fuel to the overall cost of my purchase.

        I don’t understand how they can sell a physical copy and not at least include details in the specs of the portion to be downloaded? It doesn’t seem ethical?

        Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

        • JB:
          “Primary Format – Games – PC Gaming
          Game Genre – Role Playing Game
          Rating – MA15+
          Game Developer – Bethesda Game Studios
          Game Publisher – Bethesda Softworks”

          Bethesda, Minimum Requirements:
          “Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
          Processor: Intel Core i5-2300 2.8GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz or equivalent
          Memory: 8 GB RAM
          Hard disk space: 30 GB free HDD space
          Video: NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or equivalent”

          No damn mention of an internet connection, or enough download allowance to have to download three quarters of the game I just bought. If I have to buy an extra data block, I’m sending JB the invoice – it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

          • Email sent – fairly courteous, I’d like to think – feeling out the possibility of getting $15 out of them. Let’s see what happens next!

          • The thing is, I wouldn’t have minded if it’s a gig or two. Bethesda have always done that.

            In this case simply saying an internet connection needed is misleading. Now, if they’d said ‘internet connection needed to download 80% of the game,’ fine… at least then I know what I’m in for.

            I purchased a physical copy – people have an expectation when they do that. I guess that distinction means nothing now (apparently MGS5 was worse).

          • My feeling exactly. Not getting at least half the game makes me feel like I should’ve just bought a key.

          • says “Requires internet connection and free steam account to activate” on the box itself, so you’ll probably get nothing, sadly. Though it only says ‘activate’, not ‘play’, so that’s misleading there.

            I got mine midday today, about halfway downloaded so far, 5 hrs later. I buy discs to avoid this.

            maybe if they had a bluray version…

          • Yeah, I feared that that may be the case. No way for many of us to have actually seen the box though, and it’s not listed in the requirements on Bethesda’s website.

  • This is why I wait. Absolutely no benefits to playing single player games day one, and they only get better/less buggy the longer you wait. I played The Witcher 3 day one and enjoyed every minute with no bugs, but the features they added a month or so later made me wish I waited.

    • The Witcher 3 is a good example. It’s extremely polished, and even then it’s got more than its share of bugs.
      I even had a semi-game-breaker that required a bit of working around. My crossbow wouldn’t shoot and I had to remove it, save and reload/ re-equipe to get past a main-story mission on Skellige that involved swimming and shooting.

      Add to that it’s comparatively linear (from a gameplay perspective) compared to Fallout and you start to see how hard it must be for Bethesda to iron out bugs pre-release.

      I’m not saying they do the best job they could, just that this might be the best that can be reasonably expected for a game of this size, with this depth and that’s as popular as Fallout will be.
      Imagine how many man-hours are required to play test something like this? To do everything in every order on every system? It’s almost impossible within the traditional game-testing framework.

  • I would rather play fallout 3 with less issues than fallout 4 the way it is.
    Maybe I need a good PC…

  • Still gotta finish Witcher 3 and a bunch of other stuff so I’ll just wait for the first few patches before diving in.

  • I knew there was a pc install to do… but 5gb on disc and 19gb to download. Fml. I was hoping to play this morning 🙁

    • That’s a really shitty trend. We have to be careful it doesn’t become the norm. I download most things these days anyway, but it would be super annoying to buy a disc and get nothing for it.

      • Indeed. I get *why* they did it but ultimately it seems… pointless… to have done the physical release tbh.

  • Are there multiple save slots? At least that way I can have a couple of saves going, so that if I do hit a bug I can go back and hopefully get around it. Going from what one of the reviewers said about going back to an earlier save, i’m hoping that is the case.
    I don’t mind small bugs, frame rate drops and little glitches, just nothing game wrecking. I remember F3 and New Vegas had some glitches, but I was still able to play through them at least
    I’m also hoping the install doesn’t take forever like Blops 3 did, that was painful

  • My pip boy has a bug, not the one in the game but the uber expensive plastic toy that I got with the game, pressed a button on top when I first opened it to see if it did anything and it snapped off and rattled around inside the case until I extracted it like a plectrum in an acccoustic guitar!

    Not fair… I didn’t even mock people with regular editions as I left the store like one knob head did.

      • How many of those negative reviews were “How come Australia gets to play it before (INSERT COUNTRY) does?

    • You always hear about the people with complaints. There’ll be millions of people (me included) enjoying the game right now compared to maybe hundreds of people at tge most?

  • “Fallout 4 Has Lots Of Bugs, Reviewers Say” should surely read “Fallout 4 Has Lots Of Bugs, By Bethesda Says”

  • Without spoiling anything… playing on x1, im frozen in place after the initial (awakening). Gonna see if making a new char replicates the issue then report it.

    Edit: Just tried saving before, hard restarting the x1 and the character moves! Yay I dont have to make a 3rd day 1 build.

  • not so much a bug, but a bit dirty that the game cant handle 21:9 without leaping into the ini files before starting the game (not unusual for Gamebryo but one can hope), and i’ve subsequently got these shaded boxes occurring, appearing related to a res of 2560×1440 (max available by default but i’m on 3440×1440)

    time to get back into those ini’s but i was too busy playing to troubleshoot too much considering the late unlock.

  • bugs that stops you to progress any further are not bugs, but ‘intended features’ to stop you to finish the game too fast 😛

  • Still waiting for the damn thing to install. Remember when you bought games and could play them out the box? The feels.

  • Exactly, there is a difference between freedom and bad game design. And people who have not studied Game Development for 2 years with specialists in the industry, claim to have some knowledge in it because they play games?…

    Look, the perfect example of freedom in a game is The Witcher 3, it gives you a MASSIVE world, but in stages, but is so vast that it feels like there is no limit. Infact it was so big that only like under 10% of people that have it have played in to the end (It was some stat that was on Kotaku I think, that they got from the dev team). And its amazing how everything runs like a “World” in the sense that it has its (almost) own “in game ecosystem”, which in terms of game development, and among people in the industry, is a feat in itself.

    When we talk about Fallout, you could argue all day with me that Freedom is going and killing up a town that offers you a main quest to complete the game, sure. But in what world, dose a Single Player game, with let me remind you A MAIN NARRATIVE, so still has a nonlinear story to it in that it has the same beginning with a set number of ultimate outcomes based on a few cross roads, so you can’t tell me its a linear story either. So with all that in mind, and the fact that we are focusing on an ultimate outcome based on a main narrative driving the player, you want to give the player the freedom to potentially kill the main story leaving that save rendered useless? In a game with a driven narrative?…The reason why games like DayZ, Rust, things like that are so good, and why there is little consequence to your death other than item loss, is because there is no story narrative. Could you imagine being killed each time in that game and having to redo each quest all over again?…The main reason, in game development, why you are taught to put rules and laws into the gaming world is to prevent anarchy. I could Develope an engine that dose something similar to this, where AI can make the decision to kill each other etc. But imagine if one main quest giver died before you got to him because of bandits or something. Thats why main quest givers in most games have unlimited health and unlimited ammo, etc. aka godlike.

    There is also a fact, it’s very interesting, but if you give the player the choice of evil or good, the player 8 times out of 10 will chose evil. Because we always make real world decisions every day that are morally right. Its this phycology that Developers look at all the time as well, so if you take into account all of that, then give a player ultimate freedom in a sandbox world, it’s a weapon for disaster.

    Beth are simply working off the formula they have used for almost every game since the start of the ES series, and it works…sort of. People are giving them way to much leeway! I mean, games get a shitty FPS counter or something, or bad graphics, and the community is all over it. But your beloved Fallout?…Lets criticize it, but not to much…Look I’m definitely not going to get into gaming politics because that’s a 10 paragraph rant that involves shares and crap. What I will end on is that you need to demand a little more, yes there are minor improvements, yes there is always story (And its great, Its taken me away from my work!). But you need to demand more for Publishers and Dev’s alike. They will sell you shit telling you its candy all the time. And you will play it thinking its gold! While people in the gaming industry are told to shut there mouth or continue to work. This game would have been amazing given 1 more year. A game like the Witcher 3 took 3.5 approximate years to make if I remember correctly, with it being 30x bigger than all the other games, and cost about 80 million USD to make. Most would have gone into Engine and Asset development, but that said, the whole game is so well made, I wouldn’t be surprised if they put heaps into the sound as well! The other thing is the world is 3 time the size of Skyrim, and like 1.5 times the size of GTA5, which is the closes map the game comes to in terms of sheer size. And GTA V was like 70 or 80km map squar.

    So my point is, they put in a LOT of time into The Witcher 3, and its a Massive world, with so much to do its mind bending some times, and the amount of quests and the size of the game, stats show that it has only been beaten by a small percentage of people that own it. But it has vary good laws in place that keep you from fucking up integral game mechanics to progress the main narrative. Aka, Ultimate Freedom Sandbox, with gaming law logic.

    My apologies for my long winded response. It was one of my fields of study.

    • People didn’t finish this game, so it’s better than that game.

      How many people finished Bad Rats?

  • The game so far has been stellar, and the scope of the game is huge. The real world has all sorts of issues where people get into accidents and die. Nothing is perfect, but the game and the effort behind their world is. That’s why I play, and that’s why I play now.

    “Oh no, my game has a glitch, Bethesda owes me, wahhhh!” #firstworldproblems

  • The game so far has been stellar, and the scope of the game is huge. The real world has all sorts of issues where people get into accidents and die. Nothing is perfect, but the game and the effort behind their world is. That’s why I play, and that’s why I play now.

    “Oh no, my game has a glitch, Bethesda owes me, wahhhh!” #firstworldproblems

  • Played 7 hours straight then had to work today. The game is SOO buggy. From random graphical glitches, disappearing subtitles, a weird rubber band effect that happened on 3 occasions of going from hip to sights mode (i would then snap back and be thrown back to where i was 10 seconds earleir, not lag as the baddies i was about to fight were still aggrod), an entire vault aggro’d onto me for no reason and due to a quick save I had to slaughter them all, the game is designed for controller in mind (imo) and the mouse feels janky when using it on consoles in game.

    That being said… I’m enjoying every second it it.

  • Gee $25 in fuel to brisbane from rural dosent seem much.you mustnt be to far from brisbane.just curious what area you are in as we are country but still get full speed bigpond 500 gig per month.up here and im 5 hours from brissy..

  • 4 hours in on the PS4, not a single issue, frame rate stutter, crash, creature hiding in the ground or weird out of body experience yet… cross my fingers, but this is going far better than what Fallout NV was like on the xbox 360.

  • Without spoiling…

    Fallout 4 is going to divide a LOT of fans.

    There’s a lot of streamlining of controls going on, a lot of what I term ‘dumbing down’ going on in terms of that. The combat feels potentially too simple? Almost COD like. I still like it but nowhere near as much as I was hoping to. Nowhere near as much as say FONV.

    The thing that’s drastically annoyed me is healing. You can no longer heal individual parts of the body. 1 stimpak fixes *all*. Broken leg? Stimpak! Broken arm? Stimpak! Broken leg AND arm AND head? 1 stimpak fixes all!

    It almost feels too easy…

    • I miss the healing individual limbs as well, though survival difficulty helps a little with the heal over time of the stimpaks

      • I dont know why they removed it, it added to the immersion of the game. Hopefully it can be modded back in…

        • When they start killing off the things that were in the originals it gets a bit worrying.

          That sounds like a Bioware/DragonAge move…. “No more healing spell just a limited wonder heal potion”

  • Kind of glad I have to wait now to play this on PC. Wonder when the first patch will come out to address some of these issues

  • Played for over 5 hours and haven’t encountered a single bug yet, let alone any crashes etc. Curious if people saying they’re seeing these game breaking bugs are running it on an older system that perhaps can’t handle it all that well.

  • Many hours in, no bugs. I’ve had the falling through floors stuff in Lego Dimensions as well as vuvuzela crashes on the Wii U. Also not as bad as Halo 5 or MCC. But there’s still a hundred or three hours left.
    Edit: sorry I had one bug. In one conversation only, the subtitles kept going back to on from early in the conversation.

  • My biggest issue with the game is the HUD. It’s too large and you can’t edit it. Gun crosshairs are oversized and you can’t change it.
    Immersion breaking.

  • As usual, im correct about AAA releases. They are always a piece of shit on release. There is no point in buying them on day 1. Wait a couple of months and get the proper experience.

  • Nope… no bugs and i been playing the PS4 version for 12 hours today.. no issues at all.. it did patch when i installed it.. so i think the kinks were fixed.

  • Seriously. Fuck this game. Fuck Bethesda. They make great games, they honestly do. But they release bug-filled gams after bug-filled game and we all just accept it? If this was the PS2 era where they couldn’t release patches for games, Bethesda would’ve gone bankrupt from the amount of people returning games and the recalls they would have to do.
    I forgave them when I couldn’t finish Skyrim on my PS3 because it would freeze every time I entered the water (this was even after a year of patches), so I gave them more money and bought it on PC. I forgave them when my character fell through the world and I lost hours of gameplay in New Vegas. Now I thought Fallout 4 would be their “okay we’ve learnt our lesson” project. Apart from multiple graphical glitches, I’ve encountered a glitch that makes my screen blur every 30 seconds. I understand its from a critical head injury and I used a stimpak to fix it, although apparently due to a bug, the blur doesn’t get removed even though I have no injuries, no radiation and no poisoning. Worse part is that it decided to autosave after I found out about the bug. Now I’m forced to either play Fallout with the screen blurring every thirty seconds or start all over again.
    I understand that there’s a certain charm to bugs and glitches in some games, and even in the Fallout series. But ones like this that severely ruins the experience just makes me hate Bethesda all the more for letting me down once again. As consumers, as hard-core gamers that want to experience games to their full extent from the get-go, we shouldn’t tolerate this. Games shouldn’t be sold broken, just like any other products we purchase.

    • Yet people like you just keep pre-ordering over and over and buying it the first day on release. Why? It’s gamers like you who keep supporting beta products full of bugs and glitches. So it’s as much your fault as Bethesda.

  • After 14 hours of gameplay on PC I have not had any crashes or game breaking bugs. Sure there has been a handful of bugs but thats to be expected for a game of this caliber. This for me is the best AAA title I’ve played in a long time but keep in mind i don’t play many AAA games these days.

  • Having a great time with the game. Only one or two minor bugs. I’ll be devo if my save gets screwed up, but the game has been top notch, so much better than Fallout 3 IMO. I was worried about the ‘dumming down’ of some elements, but I really like that I don’t spend half my playtime in my inventory any more.

  • is disappointing in so many ways… is just a mundane change with a already used plot, with too much focus into quantity over quality, the world is a test of repetition.

    Very sad with the graphics, i dont care about mods, especially as patch… there is so much problems, but they are going direct to simple patchs, they need to sell DLCs and Expansions pretty fast.

    I think Skyrim was good, not all the praise, a solid 6.5.

    But Fallout 4 is a down hill.

  • I CANT EVEN PLAY THE GAME i pre-ordered the game and i played for 2 hours and turned my xbox one off when i cam back to play it it gets stuck loading the title screen. I have uninstalles and reinstalled. If anyone knows what to do please help

  • Yeah I noticed a large amount of bugs just in the first area outside of the Vault. Radroaches and Bloatflies everywhere…oh right…not that type of bug.

    I’ve only experienced one game crashing bug… A Steam pop up to inform me that a mate came online and the game locked up so fast and so bad I could not even force quit it.

  • Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim all felt janky, half-baked and half-broken imo. I love the ideas behind the games but the animation / facial movement in conversation etc is just terrible, all the npc interactions just feel awkward and robotic.
    I dunno I’m kinda picky I guess but I’m not paying for this yet.

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