Fan Fixes, Then Improves Star Wars: Republic Commando

Fan Fixes, Then Improves Star Wars: Republic Commando

Republic Commando is one of the best — if not also underrated — Star Wars games ever made. Thing is, if you've wanted to play it on PC recently, you've been shit out of luck, since the game ran poorly (and didn't look great) on modern graphics cards. Thankfully, there's now one hell of a fix.

Earlier this year Leon280698 released a mod for the game that made some tweaks to Republic Commando's visuals, like repairing a long-standing issue with the game's bump-mapping. In the months since he's improved on it to the point where he's enhanced the game itself, adding legs to the players when you look down, introducing a FOV slider and even bumping the resolution up to 4K if your hardware can support it.

Originally released in 2005, Republic Commando was a first-person game set in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Instead of being a regular FPS, though, it had a strong tactical slant, with players responsible for controlling all members of a squad and assigning tactics to the others.

The game's available on Steam if you want to try it out.

Below is a playthrough of the modded game by RCCeptor5665 if you want to see it in action.

(thanks Nicholas!)


    I know what I'm doing the second I get home!

      Downloading at work, so I don't waste valuable play time at home.

    Did he also mod in an actual ending or a sequel?

    I wasn't expecting much when I 1st got this game and was happily surprised by how great it is. It's truly underrated.
    I only got back to playing it a few weeks ago, will definitely be throwing this mod on.

    Does the mod change the weapons so the first round always goes where you actually AIM? That was the thing that broke that game for me which was a shame since it was rather fun otherwise

    so the a.i. and repetitive enemies and shitty missions are still present?

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