Final Fantasy Update Adds New Mini-Game

Final Fantasy Update Adds New Mini-Game

Briefly: Final Fantasy XIV update 3.1 is live, bringing more story, dungeons, missions, hairstyles and a minion-powered strategy mini-game to the second (and gaining) most successful subscription-based MMORPG. Check out the full update notes here. See you in Eorzea!


  • FF14 Heaven’s Ward’s story was amazingly well done with a couple of tear jerking moments as well as comedy and action however, the End-game is disappointing.

    I played casually from 50 and hit 60 in within a month which is fair. I took my time with gearing up and got onto doing Extreme Primal’s and Savage Alexander within a month of hitting 60 and found my self sitting there waiting for more to do. I was at the highest acquirable Item Level with nothing else to move onto which is the norm with MMO’s however in this case, I have been full geared since the middle of August and it is now November.

    I ended up cancelling my subscription in September when I read on Reddit about Patch 3.1 and the content that was coming out and also that it would not be out for a long while. Hearing about the 2 new dungeons, Extreme Primal and Alliance Raid that all had redundant gear to what I currently have as they are all much lower Item Level.

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