Finally, Someone Calls Halo On Its Laser Sword Nonsense

Halo finally got one its very own 'Honest Trailers'. The best part? Calling the series on how bullshit it is that a 'sword' has 'ammunition'.

The worst part? Probably when they use the word "addicting". It's not a word people. It is not a word.

As a fan of the Honest trailers series, I feel like this might be one of the weaker entries — not too many laugh-out-loud moments, mainly just filler stuff. Duke Nukem part fell a bit flat as well. Still, I've been keen to see them tackle Halo for a while, so worth watching.


    I like this vid:

    The worst part? Probably when they use the word “addicting”. It’s not a word people. It is not a word.SO MUCH THIS.

    Why do Americans always seem to do this? Irks me so much. Also when they use "spit" as the past tense.

    Sorry morons but addicting is a word. Would you also say that charming and insulting are not words? I didn't think so.

    I don't know why people keep perpetuating this myth - addicting IS a word

    adjective: addicting

    Addicting is also the participle adjective of the verb to addict. Learn to English. Some people have already learnt it for you -

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    I love halo so was looking forward to the honest game treatment but that was pretty lame. Didn't even rip into the library!

    Yeah, that was a little toothless. Only a couple good moments.

    "Back in my day, when we died we had to play the whole level again from the start. It was super boring and we liked it."

    "The music may be the best thing in the series. Now every time I hear monks chant, I get a boner for killing aliens."

    Addicting is not a word in the queen's English.
    It's an American word. I lived in the US for 5 years and I groaned every time it was used.

      Mate, it's in the fucking Oxford. Give up already, it's a fucking word.

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