First Details About The New Valkyria 

First Details about the New Valkyria

As Kotaku reported yesterday, there's a new Valkyria game. We didn't know much about the game. Now, we know a little more.

First, the game's official English title is Valkyria: Azure Revolution. Media.Vision, who did Shining Resonance and Valkyria Chronicles III, is developing.

As My Game News Flash reports, the game's story is a tale of revolution (hence, the title!). The Rus Empire became developed and grew powerful thanks to a blue crystal called "ragnite." The Rus Empire put an economic blockade on Uteland, a smaller country demanding independence from colonial rule and carrying out attacks against the imperial forces. It's against this that the game is set.

The protagonist is called Amleth. He's the commanding officer of Uteland's elite anti-Valkyria forces. The heroine is Ophelia, the princess of Uteland. They're going up against Brynhildr, a Valkyria for the Rus Empire.

First Details about the New Valkyria

[Photo: Famitsu]

Sega hasn't released official screenshots. Above, you can see a small scan of the article from

The game's battle system is called "LeGION." It's real time, but there are apparently "simulation" (most likely, they mean "strategy" in English) elements.

This looks to be a different experience from Valkyria Chronicles. Sega's Youichi Shimosato explains to Famitsu, that with this title, it would be good to refer to the Chronicles series and the Revolution series. The reason, I guess, is that they're different.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is slated for a fall 2016 release in Japan. No word yet if and when this title will get an international release. Top image: A-1 Pictures [Sega]



    A land populated entirely by tradesmen? :P

    (Everyone else is translating this as Jutland, using the German pronunciation where the J is a soft y as in 'yard')

    'Uteland' conjures up some funny images. Do they all carry around six packs of beer, each have a canine companion, and each proceed to quote you over inflated prices for getting work done on your house? Forget Ragnaid to heal yourself, just throw in a meat pie instead. And here comes Ophelia, the princess of Uteland - who knocked her up the duff this time?

    So, are we getting all the other Chronicles games on PC? Because I want them and I'm not buying a PS3 for them.

      The original is on PC already and that was the only PS3 title. All others were on the PSP.

        Yeah, the Valkyria games were always on my list, but I didn't own a PS3 or a PSP. I got the Pc release of the first one recently and it's so damn good. As soon as I'm done with it I'm going to try and source the PSP ones. I've already picked up a cheap second hand PSP.

        I just wish they would release all of them on PC so I could stick to one system.

    I'm not really sure I like the fantasy aesthetic. Valkyria Chronicles' biggest charm was the whole Diesel Punk, WW I analogue and while it sounds like they are keeping certain elements, the overall aesthetic has shifted. Of course, since they mention the discovery of ragnite, this could be the beginning of an industrialisation based on the ore which would justify it and pique my interest.

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