Ford Designed An Xbox Controller, And... I Like It

Ford Designed An Xbox Controller, And...I Like It

This isn't an actual controller, it's just a marketing stunt by Ford. But, uh, Ford....I would maybe buy this.

It's a mock-up for an Elite controller (via Windows Central) that has some specific changes made for driving games, like a custom driving thumbstick, and some racing pedals for triggers. Other touches include a carbon fibre construction and see-through back panel (because the new Ford GT has one).

If you think it looks bonkers, it's actually not a new idea; I used something similar on the PS3 with Gran Turismo, and it worked pretty well. Yes, driving wheels are better for serious racers, but not everyone who buys racing games has the space/money for one.

If that thumbstick could be replaced with a regular one (actual Elite controllers do indeed feature removal thumbsticks), and if it kept the branding to a minimum on such a nice colour scheme, this would be great.


    my friends from work all have logitech wheels for playing assetto corsa online. i tried one and hated it (admittedly, it had not H shifter or clutch in the pedal setup and the forcefeedback was fekked) so i just used my wireless xbox 360 controller. ive always been a controller user for cars in games anyway.
    even in GTA V if im jsut racking, or need to get somewhere quick without having to shoot, i drop the keyboard and mouse and pick up my controller.

    It looks sexy as heck.

    If it WERE real, then it'd probably be around the +$200 range, and I wouldn't buy it. Unless it came with a 5 year warranty and worked on PC, then hell yeah I'd buy it.

      It does work on the PC if you use a USB cable or spend extra to get the Adapter.

      Standard XB elite is $199 anyway, so I think you'd be looking at the $299 range for a CE ...

      ... which I'd buy. Hands down. No questions asked.

    i have never had a controller fall to pieces after 6 months so i would assume rough treatment of said controller.

      I believe the implication there was that their cars do that

        no he said does it fall to pieces after 6 months we are talking about controllers not cars.But if he was no they don't fall to pieces after 6 months.

        Last edited 09/11/15 1:39 pm

          He's making a reference to it being a "ford product" not because the controllers are crap but because fords break all the time.

    Is the left thumbstick just a normal thumbstick that's shaped like a wheel or is there something else special about it?

      In racing games you generally only move the thumbstick left and right so that thumbstick is built with ridges on the left and right side to help with that. That's about it I'm pretty sure.

      Edit: If you look closely, you can see the slot for the thumbstick is horizontal, presumably making the thumbstick horizontal only.

      Last edited 09/11/15 12:50 pm

        Ahhh yep, didn't look as closely before. That's kind of interesting/weird/cool for racing games.

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