Gabe Newell Is In A Cooking Commercial, Gets Coffee Stolen

Gabe Newell Is In A Cooking Commercial, Gets Coffee Stolen

Ever wonder what Gabe Newell does with all those mountains of Valve money?

Well, one outlet was investing in a cooking company called ChefSteps back in 2012. “They talked to me like a scientist, like an engineer, and this isn’t how I thought people in the cooking world talked,” Newell told Eater in an interview. “These guys are cooking nerds. And the science is super interesting. Their understanding of what’s going on in the experience of cooking resonated with my experiences in the world of creating entertainment.”

Fast forward to 2015 and ChefSteps have a new product they’re selling, a fancy little sous vide immersion circulator, and Newell appears briefly in its commercial, getting his coffee stolen while chilling in his Porsche.

I wonder if he still drinks a Venti Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino…

Note that this company isn’t related to Valve, and Newell isn’t even an owner or shareholder. He just liked what he saw, gave them cash and advises them on money stuff.

The full story on Eatery is a good read; Newell got to know the company through his kids and an auction.


  • …Venti Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino…

    Make that a TRIPLE SHOT Venti Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino …



    Half-Life 3 confirmed!

    • 1. VENTI 2. MINT 3. MOCHA 4. CHIP 5. FRAPPUCCINO. 5 WORDS HOLY SHIT HALF LIFE CON…wait, not thats not right, hold on….

      FRAPP_UU_CHIII_NOOO, 4 SYLLABLES ARE CODE FOR…shit no thats not right either…hold on, gimme a minute, I can make this work.

      • It’s OK … I’ve got this.

        Venti = 20 US fluid ounces

        20 US fluid ounces = 33.307 imperial tablespoons




  • I can’t wait for the day when HL3 is announced and shown off for the first time. And it looks very unimpressive because it’s being held back by consoles or some low spec requirement much like how FO4 is still using OLD consolized engine and AI.

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