GameLoading's Take On Japanese Indies About To Appear On Steam

The launch of GameLoading: Rise of the Indies earlier this year was a fascinating, locally produced film that investigated the lives and development of smaller projects. It didn't just act as a promotional tool for Australian projects either, but it also spoke to the creators behind The Stanley Parable, Thomas Was Alone, That Dragon, Cancer, and others.

According to the Steam database, however, the studio isn't done. They've got a new project coming up, and it's apparently going to focus on Japanese games. noticed that the package titled "GameLoading: Indies In Japan" was published on Sunday, with the history notes indicating that the new episode will be added to the Extra Content package already available to users who purchased the Member's Bundle.

The original GameLoading film launched on Steam in April this year and runs for just over an hour and a half, with a 81% user rating from 114 reviews at the time of writing.


    Interesting - I was a backer of the original film (and loved it) - but didn't hear about a funding campaign for this one. I can only assume the original made enough money for them to fund this second outing. Good luck!

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