Get This Game Of Thrones Mod, PC Gamers

Get This Game Of Thrones Mod, PC Gamers

The perfect Game of Thrones video game — a lot more perfect than Telltale’s one, which ate my save game — is a mod I’ve been writing about for years. So it’s awesome to see that it’s finally out of beta and wearing v1.0 after its title!

Sadly, the mod’s site is down right now from all the hullabaloo, but it should hopefully be back up soon. When it is, you can grab the files that turn Crusader Kings II — already one of the great PC strategy games — into a full-blooded Game of Thrones experience, complete with politics, sex and confusing family trees.

The mod is epic in scope: you can take control of not only any of the rulers of Westeros, but Essos, the Free Cities and the Nights Watch as well.

Development on the mod isn’t finished: the team will still be adding and improving stuff in the future, it’s just that what’s in there now felt complete and functional enough to push it out the door without giant disclaimers all over it.

Course, you’ll need Crusader Kings II to actually play the mod, but if you don’t have Crusader Kings II, we can’t be friends.


    • I’ve been ‘Umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about this game for a while. Seeing reviews like this:

      > buys game to play with friend
      > friend instantly forms an empire
      > stuck struggling to learn the game
      > friend marries his daughter me
      > form alliance
      > secretly kills me and all my heirs
      > all titles go to his daughter
      > game over
      10/10 would be betrayed again

      On Steam make me want to buy it, and the game itself does sound awesome. However from reading other reviews, people say that you need to spend all up well over $200 USD to make it worthwhile. Is that the case or does the basegame come with everything you need? Over $200 (USD too!!!) for a game that came out in 2012 would be considered a bit much?

      • Definitely wait for a deal that lets you get most of the DLC in a bundle cheaper.

        If you play with a friend who already has the DLC you get to play with it as well so only one person in needs to buy it when playing multiplayer.

        The price of all the DLC is such a scam.

  • I’ve got this and I’ve tried to play it so many times but i just seem to fail all the time.

    Start in Ireland (newbie island)
    Create claim with spy master
    Have sex with rivals wife
    Get Bastard son with rivals wife
    Army is bigger than rival
    Raise army against rival
    Press Claim
    You cannot press claim while army is raised
    Disband army
    Press Claim
    Cannot raise army as insufficient troops
    Bastard son presses claim against me
    Invades me and murders my whole family
    Exit to desktop

    • A good trick when you only have 1 province is to banish your mayor and bishop so you control all the land, then you can raise 100% of your troops without needing good approval and you get much more income.

      The downside of banishing people is that you get an enormous reputation penalty with your other vassals for several years but if you are banishing all your vassals anyway then who cares?

      Its a great way to start out. This does not work however if you start out as someone big as you cannot banish 30+ vassals.

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