Gnomes Can Be Hunters In World Of Warcraft: Legion

Gnomes Can Be Hunters In World of Warcraft: Legion

We're far from a game where Goblins can roll a Monk or where Undead can level a Paladin, but a similarly ridiculous race/class combination will be added soon in Legion. Gnome Hunters!

This is something the WoW community was asking for (both seriously and ironically) since the beginning and looks like it will be more than just an extra X mark in the race/class chart.

Gnomes Can Be Hunters In World of Warcraft: Legion

Gnome Hunters will also be able to tame new mechanical pets:

For example, one rare mechanostrider requires you to create a special punch card that grants access to a closed section of Gnomeregan (we hope you remember the way). Once you locate the clockwork creature, you'll then need to figure out how to overload its circuits. Solve the puzzle, and you'll have this magnificent mechanised minion striding by your side.

What do you feed a high-tech pet that's not technically alive? Mechanical Bits, of course! Hunters will be able to keep their shiny metal friends "happy" and "healthy" through the creative use of Engineering supplies such as a Handful of Copper Bolts.

This makes Hunters available to all races in the game. They're also one of the most powerful classes right now. Definitely smells fishy.


    no surprise. they will keep adding these combinations to get $$ through 1-100 tokens and race changes.

    this was announced 2 weeks ago

      The combo was but the stuff about Mech pets was just announced.

    Lol! I saw "Gnome Hunters" and immediately thought of just badass bounty hunters that exclusively hunt and savagely gun down gnomes....

      My undead warlock has been a gnome hunter since vanilla. After a fresh kill - cannibalize!

      Gnomes - the other, other white meat.

    Are hunters still the most hated class in WoW?

    Last edited 27/11/15 5:24 pm

      Their popularity is waning now that the new tier of content has dropped them from the top of the DPS charts. And with the massive shake up that is Legion coming it remains to be seen if Gnomes will be able to get in on the Hunter power band.

      But yeah a ton of idiots playing Hunters still.

        I used to be one of those idiots 10 yrs ago. The therapy cost me a fortune.

    Grunt. This is a slippery slope... still, as long as they can't be pallies, I'm happy.

    Before you ask. I hunt gnomes, I'm not a hunter who's a gnome. Glad to clear that one up.

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