Dragon Quest Heroes And FFXIII Are Coming To Steam

Dragon Quest Heroes And FFXIII Are Coming To Steam

Briefly: Good news, JRPG fans: Dragon Quest Heroes comes to Steam on December 4, while Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns hits December 11. Who knew the PC would become such a popular destination for Japanese companies? More, please!


  • Shame Lightning Returns was so rubbish… in my opinion. Never played a Dragon Quest game though, so I’m interested in that

    • In my opinion Lightning Returns was only rubbish because they tried to gel it into the FF XIII storyline. If it was designed from the start to be a standalone game then I think it would have been a lot better.

      • I didn’t really like the costume-changing thing with different effects. If you didn’t equip the right effects for a particular fight, then the fight ended up being pretty tedious. And yeah, the whole direction they took the story in was just daft

    • The dragon quest heroes isnt a proper dragon quest game its more like hyrule warriors in that its plays as a dynasty warriors game but has the dragon quest characters and lore in it.

  • I really didn’t like the time management at first and it never really grew on me, but it was definitely fun further in and I anted to start a new game+ by the time I was at the end of the game.

    It’s a good game but not for all FF fans. FF has long departed from what I want in JRPGs.

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