Dragon Quest Heroes And FFXIII Are Coming To Steam

Briefly: Good news, JRPG fans: Dragon Quest Heroes comes to Steam on December 4, while Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns hits December 11. Who knew the PC would become such a popular destination for Japanese companies? More, please!


    Hopefully FFXV is going to be hitting pc.....at some point.

      They didn't deny the possibility of it going to pc. Pretty sure it will end up in steam.

    Shame Lightning Returns was so rubbish... in my opinion. Never played a Dragon Quest game though, so I'm interested in that

      In my opinion Lightning Returns was only rubbish because they tried to gel it into the FF XIII storyline. If it was designed from the start to be a standalone game then I think it would have been a lot better.

        I didn't really like the costume-changing thing with different effects. If you didn't equip the right effects for a particular fight, then the fight ended up being pretty tedious. And yeah, the whole direction they took the story in was just daft

      The dragon quest heroes isnt a proper dragon quest game its more like hyrule warriors in that its plays as a dynasty warriors game but has the dragon quest characters and lore in it.

    Lightning Returns was such a fun game; I'm glad PC users get a chance to experience it.

    I really didn't like the time management at first and it never really grew on me, but it was definitely fun further in and I anted to start a new game+ by the time I was at the end of the game.

    It's a good game but not for all FF fans. FF has long departed from what I want in JRPGs.

      Tried Bravely default?

      It's like the old Jrpgs i loved from FF :D

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