Grab Fallout 4 For $58, Includes Free Delivery & Perk Poster

If you don't plan on biding your time before playing Fallout 4, then this deal is about as good as it gets before release. Along with a copy of the game on your platform of choice, you'll also get a perk poster for your vault — all for $58.

The deal is up on eBay and comes via The Gamesmen. It's only a dollar cheaper than the likes of JB Hi-Fi, but if you haven't already got your copy sorted, this might be the time. The poster doesn't hurt, either.

Before you ask, yep, that includes delivery.

Now, for the catch. OK, not so much as a catch as a PSA — there are only 2000 copies available as part of the deal, with 554 purchased at the time of writing... though that might change quickly once word gets around.

FALLOUT 4 with Bonus Perk Poster [eBay, via OzBargain]


    I already pre-ordered the JB one for $59, so I'm sorted. The poster looks pretty cool. I'd prefer the EB Games exclusive Nuka Cola poster, but not for the $100 price of the game there. No poster is worth $40. -_-

      Does the EB one include the map AND the nuka cola poster?

        2 posters & the games soundtrack, actually heh.

      Tbh EB should price match, that's assuming they're in the same centre as a JB..

        Unfortunately I am not near either at the moment, buying online for this one and its likely too late to cancel anyway assuming they are shipping day before release. (And just checking, its sold out at JB for online/pickup anyway, so EB probably wouldn't price match in any case. lol)

      Well in the morning, im going to ask EB if i can get A nuka cola poster for free, will post back if i did get it.

    I'm getting the EB Games Nuke Pack. It's a bit expensive... okay, well over expensive. But I have the money for it.

    I got the Limited Halo Console and it came with a free preorder of Fallout 4. So that's me sorted.

    Eh, JB basically doing it for the same price and you don't have to wait for postage.

    Don't click if you want the game absolutely spoiled!
    just finished playing and
    You play as a synth AND your son is the main villain.

    Last edited 08/11/15 5:29 pm

    Will just go with JB since am trading in two unwanted games.

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