Green Man Gaming Are Selling Digital Copies Of Fallout 4 For $60 [Updated]

Green Man Gaming Are Selling Digital Copies Of Fallout 4 For $60 [Updated]

With JB Hi-Fi’s excellent offer jumping up to $69 now that the game is released, this might be a great way to grab a copy — especially if you’ve got any spare credit lying around.

Update: As people have pointed out below, Green Man Gaming are charging a different price for Australians — but they don’t charge in Australian prices. It’s in US. To get the cheapest price, you’ll need to use a VPN so you can get the $48 offer available — and then you can apply the 20% discount to that.

Thanks to morkai and everyone in the comments. The original story is contained in full below.

It’s all thanks to a 20% voucher from Green Man Gaming, which naturally you’ll want to use to get 20% off Fallout 4. You can use the code in conjunction with the Season Pass as well, if you’re insane enough to buy those things upfront, but otherwise this is a good way to get a digital version of Bethesda’s sprawling RPG for a reasonable price without getting gouged on Steam directly.

Once you apply the SAVE20-NOVEMB-GAMING code at checkout, this is what you’ll get:

I tried using the voucher in conjunction with GMG’s deal on Star Wars: Battlefront, but it wouldn’t let me insert the voucher. You can probably try this to get other games that are 20% off (Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PC, maybe) but for now the obvious deal is Fallout 4.


  • I’m assuming since that it has (AU) next to the title of the game that means that’s the actual converted price?

  • I just picked up a PS4 copy for $64.00 from my local Target.

    Can’t believe it was actually stocked!

      • Yeah I was one of those suckers who went to EB and paid $64 after price-matching Target, damn it! And the friendly guy who also price-matched Tomb Raider and gave me a metal case and DLC was so hard to deal with! God damn, I’m a sucker. /sarcasm

        • Ah huh. I’m not sure you understood what I was saying. At 9AM yesterday morning my local EB had a 45 minute wait time to get in the store. So I went to Target and got it without spending 45 minutes in the line. I’ll price match any day at EB, just as long as I don’t need to wait in line for a long time. Some of those people may not have realized the regular version was available elsewhere.

  • Nope, they charge in GBP, USD or other foreign currencies. I purchased mine for $60 AUD from them however due to the exchange, the total charge came to $84…. I sent GMG an email and their support team responded with copy paste from their terms and conditions indicating that they do charge in foreign currency and any other fees come from the exchange via our banks.

    Totally ripped off, go to JB.

  • I got caught out by this scam last week. Got a refund though. How low can this company be as to trick you into buying what you think is AUD ticketed item though. Let alone as you find out after the paypal transaction you are actually charged in USD and charged more for it than the American store version.

    Keep away from the key site skummies

  • @alexwalker
    Will Kotaku be issuing refunds to those people who got screwed by this dodgy reporting? As they are now $25AU out of pocket. No refunds from GMG due to key automatically issued.

  • Just tried.

    It didn’t accept my credit card. I am assuming because it is using an Australian credit card.

    Otherwise, I might have to go into one of those places…. what are they called? …. oh… god, its slipped my mind…. ships.. no, not right…. SHOP… yes a SHOP.

  • What ever happened to the 30% off voucher for ANZ inflated games?

    GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW hasn’t worked for a while.

  • Hi everyone

    I too just bought this assuming $60 AUD due to a Misleading title both here and in GMG, I cannot afford an extra $25 aud out of the hat and really need a refund or compensations, TOTALLY shady both by them and Kotaku, I feel like you are responsible.

  • I used gmg to preorder with a 33% (or34%) voucher and only paid $50 AUD. No VPN no currency conversion, just subscribe and hold out for a good deal, will be waiting for their next big sale to grab the season pass

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