Halo 5 Player Snipes Entire Enemy Team Seconds After Starting A Match

Halo 5 Player Snipes Entire Enemy Team Seconds After Starting A Match
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Video: Now this is how you start a Halo 5 round.

Watch as Xbox player I Habb I opens up a Shotty Snipers match with a sick 4-player killstreak on Truth:

[Source: XboxClips.com]

That’s some sharp shooting, for sure. A well-earned Overkill! On maps like these, I tend to immediately run away so as to avoid the clusterfuck at the start…but there’s certainly glory to be found for players who stick around and brave the bullets.


  • Is shotty snipers still going? I’m not sure about Halo 4 multi. These Req packs, I don’t like how people can purchase them.

    • All packs can be earned and req points need to be earned in match to use them. So in reality if another player has 15 Scorpion req cards and you have three they can still only use as many as they earn through gameplay same as you.

      • But if said player purchases req packs they can get 15 scorpion cards faster than I can get mine. If I play 10 games with that person I run out of my scorpion req cards in 3 games where as he has 10 scorpion tanks for the next 7. It maybe all by chance but hes purchased more chances to get better req cards.

        • Req packs only effect Warzone gametype. They don’t effect any other mode other than aesthetically. Even within Warzone, if you had 15 scorpions, you still need to play well enough to earn the ability to use the card. To use another one, they would need to wait until they’ve got enough “points” to get another scorpion. I think you’d be pretty silly to spend actual money on the req packs to be honest. You can purchase them over time for free.

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