Happy 17th Birthday, Sega Dreamcast

Happy 17th Birthday, Sega Dreamcast

Briefly: It might have been the Dreamcast’s 16th birthday in America a few months back, but today actually marks the console’s full and proper 17th birthday, since it was on 27 November 1998 that the Dreamcast was first released in Japan.

RIP, little guy. Your controller is still a thing of wonder.

(Top image by BLUEamnesiac)


  • But the 27th was yesterday. It was released on the 27th in Japan, not in the US, but the author is incorrectly using the US date.

  • I loaned mine to a friend who I subsequently lost complete touch with and now I no longer have it and that makes me a bit sad. Not that it would get much play these days but it did rock back in the day (though that controller was mostly awful tbh).

  • Great console I thought. Resident evil code Veronica was a revelation on dream cast. Loved it. And ive noticed nobody ever talks about wacky racers, it either looked incredible or played great cause I wouldn’t have spent so much time with it otherwise. Or maybe it’s cause you could play as muttley haha.

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