Here Are December’s PlayStation Plus And Xbox Live Gold Games

Here Are December’s PlayStation Plus And Xbox Live Gold Games

With November almost over, both Sony and Microsoft have revealed what games Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus members can download next month.

Remember, while these are often billed as “free” games, you need to pay for Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscriptions in order to get access to them.

PlayStation Plus (December 1)

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (PS4)

King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember (PS4)

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (PS3)


Rocketbirds Hardboiled (PS Vita)

Freedom Wars (PS Vita)

Xbox Live Gold (Staggered release dates)

Thief (December 16 to January 15)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (December 16 to January 15)

Castlestorm (December 1 to December 15)

Sacred 3 (December 16 to December 31)

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (December 16 to December 31)


    • Well, Blood Dragon is really good, although Sacred 3 was admittedly terrible. SSX is OK, but not as good as the PS2 games.

        • Tricky was the best of the lot. 3 was incredibly ambitious and the “summit to city” full linked run was amazing, but it was never quite as over-the-top hilarious as Tricky.

      • Blood Dragon I’ve heard is great but I dont have a ps3, last gen consoles seem to always get decent games

        • One reason I never sell my old consoles.

          Admittedly this has resulted in having an Atari 2600 attached to my TV.

          You may be well served picking up a second hand PS3; while there aren’t a lot of new games coming out for it now, it has an excellent and increasingly cheap back catalogue.

      • I was so dissappointed with ssx on ps3 (adored all the ps2 games). For anyone who hasn’t played it before, this should give you a good idea of what to expect: there’s a helicopter in the game that literally *dances* to dubstep. That sums up the whole try-hard theme of the games direction quite concisely.

  • Funny, my PS4 time is too precious a resource to play dodgy old games. Might download SSX for the kids on PS3 though. Most of the PSN+ games are hardly worth the bandwidth bother.

    Freedom Wars on Vita seems good. Might pick it up for the commute to work but heard it was grindier than a metal grinder with a degree from the business school of grinding.

    • Yeah, Freedom Wars is probably the pick of the bunch for me, too (not counting Blood Dragon which I bought and played about 2 years ago or whenever it came out). Not sure when I’ll ever actually play it, though – it will just go on my never-ending Vita pile of shame (my goal is to finish P4G before I die).

      Might give Gauntlet a quick bash for nostalgia’s sake, but not expecting anything particularly amazing from it.

  • Being old-school I’m actually looking forward to playing updated versions of Gauntlet and King’s Quest. Like good Xmas presents they’re something I probably wouldn’t have bought myself, but something I can see myself enjoying.

    Also looking forward to giving Freedom Wars a go.

    • I too am looking forward to this months’ games. I’ve been keen for KQ since it was announced, and now I get an intro for ‘free’.

    • Yep, same. My PS3 died before I got a chance to play it.
      I’m also one of the very few [strange?] people who really enjoyed Shaun White Snowboarding. Had so much fun with that game.

      • You can buy them all now though…!/en-au/games/king's-quest-the-complete-collection/cid=EP0002-CUSA02014_00-KINGSQUECOMPLETE?
        It’s even on the new steam sale:
        Isn’t it just like Telltale games, except with the option to buy single episodes (or at least the first as a single) – those have been given as a whole package on PS Plus before.

        Giving just Episode 1 seems like giving out a demo. Realistically I’m probably still going to give it a shot as it sounds like a decent game that I haven’t had a chance to try yet but, then if really like it I still need to pay $40 for the rest 🙁

        • Yeah but the game came out 2 months ago and has yet to be fully released. If they gave it away free now, what chance would the company have to make money on the product. I agree with you 100% that this is a demo to try and help sales. Funnily enough I think this will only hurt sales as the first chapter is incredibly linear and a mere shadow of the former glory of Kings Quest (I say glory with nostalgic glasses on of course).

  • Each month they seem to just give us more games I’ve never heard of for the PS4. Rocket League and to a lesser extent MGS:GZ & Infamous: First Light are the only games I’ve gotten any worthwhile playing time out of. You would hope Sony isn’t trying to use the ‘free games’ as a selling point when they are mostly garbage.

  • Am I the only one excited for this batch of PS+ games?

    I’ve been meaning to get into Gauntlet and King’s Quest (thankfully now i don’t have to pay for them) and SSX has always been a personal favourite of mine (even if this iteration is the weakest).

    It’s free games, why complain?

    • Why complain? The world is not pandering to me and giving me the things I want. Obviously Sony and Microsoft are still pretty new at this and haven’t learned yet that when they give out free games they have spent time and effort negotiating with the publishers and development studios on, they must do so with the titles I want. Businesses just aren’t what they used to be I tell you.

    • They’re not free – you pay for PS+.

      You appreciate that there’s going to be a fair bit of crap with the selection but it’s been complete crap for months. Haven’t been mildly interested for ages.

  • They’ve really stopped trying since PS+ became a requirement for online play on PS4. I remember the days when I used to really look forward to the next PS+ announcement, knowing that it would always have something (sometimes multiple somethings) that would just blow my head off in amazement that they could give THAT away. These days I don’t even care because most of the time it’s just a whole load of “meh”.

  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a bit of a hidden gem. Can’t wait to play through it again on the XB1.

  • Gauntlet will be great fun for coop, played it a bit on PC.
    I’ll be keen to finally play Blood Dragon on my PS3, and I’ll probably try out SSX too.
    Freedom Wars looks interesting for the Vita, see how I go.
    Not too fussed on the rest; I’m really getting over all the 2D platformers we get on Vita, great for 2D platformer fans, but I just want more variety of stuff to play on my Vita.

  • Would it be so hard to list what games are for x1 vs 360, and put it in a list? Do I really need to scroll down through videos to try and work through it?? (Sorry grumpy, just been to dentist…)

    • Don’t think they specified, as you can play them all on Xbox One now 🙂 all new games for gold will be backwards compatable. Thats why i assume they did it like that at least

  • Maybe this’ll see more than just one person on my friends list playing SSX? Love the SSX games but never got to challenge any friends on the snow…

    • Are the servers even still running? That game’s a few years old, I thought EA would have pulled the plug by now…

  • I talked myself out of buying thief on XB1 many times because I just knew they’d give it away if I waited long enough. It’s fun to be right.

  • Dam, why did I bloody buy thief! lol Will have to trade it before the value drops when the sale hits

    Pretty happy with the lineup, will be getting a few of them

    • It was almost a certain bet that Theif would appear on Xbone GWG because it had already appeared on 360 GWG

      Just like Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

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