Here's All Three Matrix Films Condensed Into 90 Seconds

Last year someone had a go at summarising the Matrix films in three minutes, but surely we can do better? Apparently so — YouTube channel Burger Fiction has halved that time to 90 seconds, with the content "weighted in proportion to the quality of movie".

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No surprise then that the original film takes up 60 seconds, with the second two — Reloaded and Revolutions — comprising the other 30 seconds. It's debatable whether the mash of cuts would make sense to someone who hasn't seen the films (or watched them since their theatrical releases), but for recent viewers, the storyline should be clear (if unsatisfying).

Oddly, it's made me want to go back a view the trilogy again. Having only seen the second and third films once, maybe they're not as bad as I remember them. Heck, at the very least it's worth watching the first one again to see how well it's aged.

The channel, Burger Fiction, is made up of Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell and has its fair share of other quirky clips, including every Jason Statham punch and the Back to the Future trilogy in less than two minutes.

The Matrix Trilogy In 90 Seconds [YouTube, via The Awesomer]


    In all fairness I think the mech battle at the end of Revolutions deserves as much screen time as anything else :P

    Didn't work nearly as good as the three minutes one.

    That was called a montage of clips from the films, it doesn't explain them to someone who doesn't know the story.

    Also, that kid at the end is still as annoying as ever. Some people should've been left in the the people that turned Zion into a hippy lovefest...

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