Here's How Buying Fire Emblem Fates Will Work

Here's How Buying Fire Emblem Fates Will Work

We've been wondering how this three-part Fire Emblem game would work outside of Japan. Now, we know.

Fire Emblem: Fates is actually split up into three parts: Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. Nintendo is selling Birthright and Conquest as separate retail games, with Revelation as a digital add-on. However, once you finish either Birthright or Conquest, you can then buy the other for a reduced cost.

If you want all three, Nintendo will also be selling a special edition:

Fire Emblem: Fates will be released on February 19 in the US. No word yet whether Australia's getting the same release date.


    I wish I could buy direct from Nintendo AUS

    Pre-ordered on EB Games before they put their placeholder price from $99.95 to $199.95. To be fair, if it's $199.95 as a final price, people will riot, so I think they'll reduce it somewhat.

      Yeah they try and put the place holder price higher than what it'll end up being to cover themselves.

      EB always have ridiculous pricing, I've seen no riots or shortages of people preordering there though.

    This one must be completely implausible though - unless I'm mistaken, it's only the three games, two of which are going for $60AU each and the third 'which is cheaper'.

    So excellent you have to beat the game for the discount hahaha I love you Nintendo.

    So excellent you have to beat the game for the discount hahaha I love you Nintendo.

    Good to know the details. Definitely going to want the special edition for all three stories in one purchase. Think I'll want to kill myself if the game is out in the US, fully localised, and Australia doesn't get it at the same time though. Can you import it and play it on a Aussie 3DS? Will have to find out.

    shit, i better get my ass in to gear and finish awakening....
    i sorta stopped near the end somewhere and got a bit bored, then distracted, then forgetful.
    thanks for the reminder Kotaku!

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