Cho'Gall's Two Heads Are Better Than One

Video: Here's the Heroes of the Storm spotlight for Cho'Gall, the crazy-sounding new character that's controlled by two people at the same time. Blizzard said they expect him to go live in HOTS sometime this week. My colleague Nathan Grayson and I are sure to start butting heads (literally!) once that happens.


    Hope this experiment works out. Some of their crazy HoTs chars have worked out like Murky and Abathur in the right hands but others like the lost vikings are a complete fail.

      Murky is so not even crazy, he just has a small HP bar, let's not get too excited.

      Also, I suspect that you may never have actually played Vikings beyond Try Mode - They're absolute BOSSES when it comes to early XP soak and can totally carry a game, albeit mostly through seizing the early game.

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