Hey, You Should Play Some Halo 5 With Me Tonight!

Hello friends. At 6pm tonight I will be playing Halo 5 online. I will also be livestreaming on Kotaku. Consider this a formal invitation. If you want watch or even play, jump online!

The Gamertag I'm using is 'POA Markosaurus'. Don't ask. It was a long time ago and it costs too much to change it.

I've mostly been playing Arena, cause that's my jam, but for the sake of variety I'll probably play some Warzone as well, even though I'm totally rubbish at BIG TEAM HALO.

Actually I'm totally rubbish at Halo in general. I used to be good, but these old reflexes have grown dull and my aiming is goddamn pathetic. Still I'll be playing. Come along for the ride!

The livestream will kick off at 6pm, see you there!


    Is this 6pm qld or 5pm wild also makes me wonder how you managed to get Mrs Serrels to agree to you playing games instead of playing husband :D

    Piece of Arse - Markosaurus.
    We need a thread on gamertags and the reasons behind it.
    Many, many of us are stuck with gamertags we setup when truly young, and they now brand our older selves like a Tattoo we thought was cool after a few drinks on our 18th birthday...

      This is a great idea.

        The Gamertag I’m using is ‘POA Markosaurus’.

        You'll not be judged from someone who has 'BJ' as their gamer tag. It's just my initials ... I was young and ignorant, had no idea it stood for 'other' things.

          I feel your EXACT pain. I miss the innocence of my youth.

          Yeahhhh I know that one all too well

    Full 12 person Kotaku fireteam in warzone sounds fun.

    So there is nothing on Kotaku about a live stream... But I can spectate the games in game using the spectator mode.

    Last edited 05/11/15 6:10 pm

      There's another post up now and we've tweeted and Facebook'd the link around.

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