Hidden Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Button Discovered Years After Release

If this had been uncovered at the height of the game's popularity, this would have created shockwaves. Unfortunately that's not the case, but by God the possibilities would have been enormous.

Eventhubs reported earlier this morning how one intrepid user has discovered a hidden quirk in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 that allows users to instantly swap out their characters at the cost of one bar of their super meter.

It's done through the use of a single button, but you can only access that button once editing a save file. It's incredibly intriguing and it perhaps betrays Capcom's thought process a little, since they went to the effort of adding a small amount of balance.

A GIF of the instant swap has been uploaded, although the YouTube videos showing off the trick and potential combs have been taken down. Watch for the swap from Virgil to Doctor Doom below.

Instructions on how you can unlock the hidden button, which doesn't work online, can be found on Eventhubs.



    So it hasn't been 'discovered' as much as the games been hacked to allow it to happen. Gotcha.

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