How To Get One Of Fallout 4's Best Guns At The Start Of The Game

How To Get One Of Fallout 4's Best Guns At The Start Of The Game

When you first leave the vault in Fallout 4, you'll notice there's a locked container at the end of the level. It has a gun; a really good gun, by the looks of it. One problem: there's no way to actually open the container so early in the game. Unless, of course, you know of a loophole.

Normally, in order to open the container in the Overseer's office of Vault 111, you need "master" lockpicking, a perk you can only get once you're level 18 (provided you have enough perception). There's no way to have this build so early in the game, so it seems that Fallout 4 wants you to come back and open the lock later, once you've earned it.

Here's the thing: you don't NEED to wait until level 18 to open that container. You don't actually need the master lockpick perk. You don't need no damn bobbypins to open the lock. All you need is Dogmeat, who you can meet a couple of hours into the game (if that). Here's how:

Once you have Dogmeat, return to the Overseer's room. Tell Dogmeat to fetch an item for you. He should bust open the container, and hand you the Cryolator gun waiting inside. Ha! Anyway, I walk you through the entire process in the video above, if you're curious.

So, why would you want this gun in the first place? It's really powerful!

How To Get One Of Fallout 4's Best Guns At The Start Of The Game

Some people are calling it the best gun in the game, and if you watch the video, you'll see why. The Cryolator appears to one-shot-kill many enemies by freezing them solid. That said, if you get the Cryolator early in the game, you'll probably be pressed for ammo. It comes with at least 200 rounds (check Dogmeat's inventory, if you can't find them), and purchasing them from vendors is a tad expensive. But that's OK, really. Great as the gun is, you'll probably want to save your bullets for strong enemies. If you're flush on cash, though, I've seen the vendor at Drumlin Diner carry the ammo.

Happy freezing! And if you're having trouble getting back into the vault, remember: there's the elevator button in a booth near the entrance.


    hahaha hacks!!! love it. although I don't like being overpowered so early, it breaks the immersion.

    3 levels to go to have master lock picking so I can wait. I just need to do 2 more quest with idiot savant and I'm level 18.

    I tried this and it's not working on the Xbox version. Dogmeat doesn't break the container open :(

      Have you asked him to search for containers or items? I started by asking for containers and it wasn't working, but when I asked for items he did it instantly

      I started on items and got it first time. I was standing in the bedroom though, not right in front of the cage.

      On the Xbone, Dogmeat doesn't even come down on the lift. When you get back down the bottom he's missing.

      Yeah I can't get my stupid face dogmucus to do it - I even tried kicking him a few times! :P Seriously though, he wouldn't get the pretty gun for me.

    This goes into my list of 'things to do on 2nd play through'

    Sounds like it might be something which may be patched out in the near future. I can't imagine it was a weapon the developers wanted us to have so early in the game.

    My character's voice acting really kills the immersion of this game. Hate it.

    You can also get this gun early by going the the robot scrapyard near the starting area. There is a sentry robot that is powered down there. Just go to the hut and power it up then power it down. Then go and destroy the bot. It will drop that gun...well it did for me anyway.

    Heres me thinking i was smart loading up a raider with 1000s of pound of gear and dragging his arm around.

    why on earth would i possible want a gun so early that unbalances and makes the game? PASS. I prefer to, you know, play the game.

    didnt work for me dogmeat wont open it

    Wait, dogmeat can open all and any master locks? or just this one in particular?

    I can't even get him to follow me into the vault, always gets left up the top when I use the elevator, even when I tell him to go stand on it, then to follow when I press the button and stand on it.

      I went down the lift and he was waiting for me. Wouldn't get the gun though.

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