If The Legend Of Zelda Were A Ghibli Movie

If The Legend of Zelda Were A Ghibli Movie

Dayshot: It's a collaboration that won't happen anytime soon, but that doesn't mean one can't imagine it.

Matt Vince made these fantastic concept illustrations of a Studio Ghibli x Zelda movie and its posters.

If The Legend of Zelda Were A Ghibli Movie
If The Legend of Zelda Were A Ghibli Movie
If The Legend of Zelda Were A Ghibli Movie

Dayshot showcases some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art that we can find.


    Princess Mononoke has a number of elements that feel very similar to the Legend of Zelda though.

      There's a lot to that film. I almost feel like they could've made a series out of it, to get deeper into some of the themes and tell more of the ancillary stories only hinted at originally, add more depth and nuance to some of the motives of the players. Dwell on some of the gorgeous art, that kinda thing.

        Didn't help that the initial translation was deliberately inaccurate. So much detail lost.

        The recent BD release (at least the Japanese one - I presume the Madman release is the same) has a re-translation and I found the plot easier to follow and that I picked up on a lot more, like the fact that Kaya (the girl at the start of the film) is Ashitaka's sister. I'd seen the old release several times and never picked up on that.

          That's weird. I saw it in the cinema for a Dendy event back in the early 00s, and I thought that detail was included. But my memory is hazy - maybe I inferred it.

      I would say Princess Mononoke shares more elements with Fern Gully than Zelda.

      Yakushima, the island on which Princess Mononoke was based has allot more similarities to the film. The Kudama are a natural phenominon that can be seen when taking photos after rain in the forest. The islanders weren't native Japanese, and were fighting main land japan over resources. The island was completely wiped out from a prophylactic cloud (night spirit). It is full of Monkeys, Boars, and deer. There's more but i Won't go into detail, however the movie follows the cultural history and myth of Yakushima.

      It is a must-visit destination, as the landscape is amazing. It also has the most cutest local dog breed which is a mix of Shiba-inu, and a native wild dog.

        Kodama are tree spirits and have been part of Japanese folklore for a very long time, however the depiction of the Kodama in Mononoke was fairly unique. They're most likely based off Jomon-era figures: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C5%8Dmon_period#/media/File:Late_Jomon_clay_statue_Kazahari_I_Aomoriken_1500BCE_1000BCE.jpg

        Actually one of the underlying themes in the film is the exploration of the conflict between the ancient Jomon, Emishi and Yamato people in Japan. You can see the forest spirits and so on as the Jomon, the humans as the Yamato, and Ashitaka and his tribe as the Emishi.

        Also I think you mean a Pyroclastic cloud. A prophylactic cloud would be a storm of condoms. :P The idea that the people there were wiped out by one is new to me though. AFAIK it's had settlements for a long time but there wasn't a lot recorded about it until the 12th century. It always looked like a fascinating place though, would love to go there some day. A bit tricky to get to though (IIRC easiest way was Shinkansen to Kagoshima and then boat).

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