Batman: Arkham Knight On PC Receives Another Patch

Briefly: In the ongoing saga of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, another patch has dropped, and some players are reporting fixes to hitching and other issues. Of course, that doesn't change the fact the game isn't ever getting SLI support.


    LOL No SLi support?, so much for Gameworks... And I'm not even an SLi user.

      SLI support has nothing to do with Gameworks. They abandoned work on it because they decided the performance gain wasn't worth the development effort.

        I'm aware that gameworks is not SLi, I'm saying that It's ironic that nVidia, who touted their "working closely with devs" with gameworks, chose not to support one of their core-products on the title.

    Pathetic, please don't buy multiple GPUs it's been nothing but a hassle.

      I've used multiple GPU's for my last 2 builds, haven't had an issue. Arkham knights port is just a piece of shit.

      Sometimes you do have to tinker a little bit to get things going but most of the time SLI works great. I managed to get Fallout 4 running with SLI using Nvidia Inspector. Getting 60 FPS with some dips into high 40s with everything on ultra including godrays in 4k...

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